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5 Card Draw Poker
One of the oldest surviving forms of poker, 5 Card Draw Poker has been a staple variant in home poker games due to its ease to teach, simple rules, and rapid game play. Though 5 Card Draw Poker rules are easy to learn, mastering the strategy of 5 Card Draw Poker requires dedicated practice. Unlike the more popular community card and stud poker games, all of the cards dealt to each player in Five Card Draw Poker are completely private, making the strength of any player's hand that much more difficult to determine.

5 Card Draw Poker Rules
5 Card Draw Poker is one of the oldest forms of poker that is still found in home and online game play. The game is easy to learn, with simple rules and fast play time. Once you master the basic rules and strategies, you will be able to enjoy the game with ease. Below are the rules of the game so you can begin to enjoy another variant of poker online or in your home.

Betting Structure
With 5 Card Draw Poker, there are two ways to play with a betting structure: Ante and Blinds. With the Ante method, you will be playing the game in its original form. In this form, players have to pay a predetermined ante that will be placed before any cards are dealt.

With the Blinds method, you will place your wager based on similar rules to Texas Hold’em. The two players left of the dealer will pay the blind before the dealer deals the cards. The first player to the left will pay the small blind while the next player to the left pays the big blind. Blinds can be set how you wish in home game form but in most cases, the blind will be set at an amount beginning with the big blind at 1/100th of the total buy-in amount.

Once the ante or blinds have been placed in the pot, the dealer will then begin to deal. The dealer will begin starting on the left with five cards face down to each player. After everyone has been given their hand, the first round of betting begins. Blind play will result in betting starting with the player to the left of the big blind. If antes are used, you will begin the wagering with the player to the left of the dealer.

The first player to act can choose to check, which means no bet is placed and they can stay in the hand for free. If a wager is placed, everyone must meet the wager, raise or fold before play can move on.

Draw Round
Once the betting round is complete, the draw round will begin. The player closest to the dealers left will have the option of changing the amount of cards they would like. The player can choose to ‘stand pat’ which means all five cards are kept. 1 to 5 cards can be replaced with an equal number of cards, which comes from the top of the deck.

Some rulings make you exchange only 3 cards maximum. This is usually only applied in home game play to help weaker players.

Next Betting Round and Showdown
After the new cards have been dealt, the players will then need to decide to proceed to the second and final betting round. When the betting is complete, the showdown begins, if more than one player is left in the hand. The player with the best five card poker hand will then win the pot. After the showdown, the dealer will then gather the cards and the player to the left becomes the dealer and game play continues on., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018