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This room is a scam!
About Absolute Poker
After years of struggling to compete with the online poker giants of internet gambling, Absolute Poker finally got a break that has steadily transformed this once doomed poker room into a major contender in the industry. The 2008 merger that formed the Cereus Network lead to substantial improvements in Absolute Poker's software, security, and promotions.

Now touting some of the highest quality software features, a Mac-compatible download, an instant-play online poker room for players on the go, and a player reward system with gratifying incentives, Absolute Poker has finally come into its own in the online poker industry. An expansive tournament schedule, significant player traffic scores, a varied game selection, and numerous table options continue to draw new and returning player into this ever-growing online poker room who's future is steadily becoming more and more optimistic.
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Calculation Method
Absolute Poker uses the contributed calculation method, which means that the rake is calculated according to each player's percentile contribution to the pot.
Tournament entry fees are included in the rake.
Payment Day
The rakeback payments are made before the 20th of the following month.
Payment Method
Your Absolute Poker rakeback is sent directly to your player account.
Payment Minimum
The minimum rakeback payment is $10. Anything lower than that is rolled over to the next month and will be included in the next payment, as soon as the total is a minimum of $10.
Bonuses are deducted from the rake.
Deposit Fees
Deposit fees are deducted from the rake.
I remember those days, is this site even open anymore, if so I sure and the hell wouldn't play there. its been a long long time can usa players even play there anymore. would love hear from some people of knowledgable info. by the way ......... ............. thieves
10 months ago - 2013-11-26
4th behind Ultimate bet, carbon and lock. Got some money stuck on their from a former league Ill never see again. More important they took me damn chance to compete on tv by being scam artists!
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