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About SplitSuit
SplitSuit is a poker membership coaching tool where you can learn strategies and information on several variants of poker from James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney and The PokerBank. The poker coaching option offers instructional and informational videos that will help beginning players as well as the more advanced. There are three different memberships available starting with a free membership or small monthly fee.

Once you join, you will have access to videos you can stream straight to your computer or download to a device. Videos continue to be added to the site each month so you can continue to learn how to maximize game play. Topics are very diverse including videos on how to play certain hands, facing tough turn cards and more.

With the coaching option, you will also have access to hiring a poker coach to help you with particular game play such as Micro Stakes, High stakes and more. The site also covers LeakFinder, which allows you to analyze poker hands, review hand history and more. Take advantage of the Shop at SplitSuit, where you can purchase poker books, videos, software and HUDs.

When you sign up, make sure to enter coupon code POKERORG to receive a 10% off voucher on all purchases.
I first got to know about Split through his book, Dynamic Full Ring Poker. A very good book for Full Ring cash players. I enjoyed reading his easy style and learnt something from it.

Then I found a whole host of free videos from the guy and I have watched them all, some of them a few times now. His style of delivery is excellent. No umming and arring, just simple, straightforward language that is easy to follow, even for an idiot like me. Theres no curosr flying around the screen to distract you, the sound is crystal clear, the content relevant. me and a poker buddy have discussed/debated/argued over a lot of his strategy videos and articles. I got to know about SPR and SDV via Split and his videos and also started to understand the math side of poker a lot more than I had previously.

I have not gone as far as coaching, but I have not found anyone online with a bad thing to say about the guy. His Concept of the Week posts over at another well known forum are all well read and accepted. If I was contemplating coaching, this is the guy I would go to without a shadow of a doubt. Many have gone to him [over 400 at the last count] and all have taken something from his methods. I am sure it will be money well spent if you do consider going to him for coaching.
4 years ago - 2014-03-11
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