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In the poker FAQ you get the answers to most frequently asked questions about our poker club. If you are unable to find the answer you need here then feel free to contact us on
Club Points
When do I get my club points from friends I have referred?
As you can see in the FAQ on the refer friends page, unlike your own Club Points which are paid out a few minutes after you have earned them, referral commissions are instead paid on the 10th of the following month.
When do I get my club points from having been active?
The points are added to your club point balance a couple of minutes after you did the activity which was rewarded. Remember that you can always see your points balance on your club rewards page.
Poker League
Are team members allowed to help each other?
No, absolutely not.

Any form of collusion and chip dumping is strictly prohibited. The poker league events follow the same rules as all other tournaments at the poker rooms where we hold them.

For your own sake, please note that all poker rooms have anti-collusion systems in place which analyze play patterns and cards to find cheaters.

We strongly recommend you not to try anything since you risk having your poker room accounts closed down not to mention your Poker Club account.
Can me and my wife/brother/roommate both play in the league?
No, to be fair to all players we only allow one event entry per household. If two people from the same household register for an event whoever registered last will have their registration cancelled and points returned to them.
How are the player scores calculated?
The scores are calculated according to a simple exponential formula. Each player gets a score based on their final position and the total number of entrants in each event, rounded off to the nearest non-decimal value.

Formula: Multiplier^(Entrants-Position+1) = Score.

Where the Multiplier is whatever number which raised by the number of entrants would equal the number of entrants.

For example in a league event with 500 entrants, the winner would get a score of 500, the runner-up a score of 494, the #250 finisher a score of 22 and the last place a score of 1.
How are the team scores calculated?
When a player competes in a league event and gets a score, the player can also get a team score.

For a player to get a team score he or she must obviously be a member of a team, and at least one other member of that team must have played in the same league event.

The team score each player gets is the same as the average score of all of the team members who played in the event.

The team rankings is based on that average, not on the total score of all members. There is therefor no advantage to have a lot of members except of course to increase the chance that someone reaches the final table.
How is the prize money for teams divided?
When a series is over the prizes for the players and teams with the highest total event scores are given out.

Each member of a team then gets a fair share of the team prize money depending on the number of events the player represented the team in, even if the player is no longer a member of the team.

This is to ensure that no player who gets kicked out of a team during a series has wasted his or her time representing the team.
How much does it cost to play in the poker league?
The Poker League is completely free to Poker Club members. There is however sometimes a buy-in where you have to use Club Points to register. This is to ensure that only active club members can play in the league.

Getting Club Points is free, all you need to do is to be active on the site.
What happens if I leave a team during a series?
If you leave a team before a series is finished then you are no longer considered to be representing that team in the league rankings for that series.

The team however still gets to keep the scores you made from the events you played in while you were a member.
Refer Friends
Do my friends still get their full reward if I refer them?
Yes! We do not deduct your commission from your friend's reward. If your friend was supposed to get for example 30% then your friend will still get his 30%. Your commission is separate.
How are the commission calculated?
It is very simple: You get 10% on all of the rewards your friends earn. If for example one of your friends get paid $100 from a VIP program he signed up for, then you get $10. To clarify, you are paid 10% of what your friend gets paid, not on gross rake.
When do I get paid for referring friends?
Both the cash and points you earn from having referred friends are paid on the 10th of the following month to your Poker Club account. From there you can request a withdrawal in a number of ways such as NETELLER, Moneybookers or get free poker gifts., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018