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How do you guys/gals handle the Maniac player who plays almost every hand?

I was in the daily double on FTP. On my table from the start was a manic/maniac who played 90% of the hands he was delt and pretty aggressively. I know from experience that playing extra tight against them is usually the way to go. But last night i couldnt push him out of the pot (even going all in) with hands like QQ, KK, AA, AKsuited etc. Even though i was able to take a good chunk of his change a couple of times, he took more of mine in 3 out of 5 hands, with his K3unsuited, QJsuited, and a 35suited.

Watching his stack fluctuate pretty good I know he will not win, but what else can a guy do or should a guy do when even your premium hands fall to this type of player?
7 years ago
No one?

7 years ago
When we get at the table that kind of player we have 2 option: 1. go aggressively like hi does ; 2. sit out and wait for him to fold out.
7 years ago
I do not know what to do against him when he beats any hand in my better hand at river and all tactics fail. Then it comes women's intuition and all in.

7 years ago
Just wait for you premiums and play them aggressive.
If he cracks your premiums it's just bad luck, but in the long torm this must be an winning play against the maniacs.
7 years ago
Ty guys

7 years ago
Come on !!!!!

7 years ago
It's hard to keep up with this kind of player! u must change your style !

7 years ago
Play your style. Eventually he will lose and in most cases be out of the tourny before you are.
7 years ago
Play them aggressive style.
7 years ago
vitmax (#10) wrote: Play them aggressive style.
thats the way to do it , i would , weeeeeeeeee , lol .

7 years ago
Steady tightening dozen become fierce
7 years ago
7 years ago
Come on friend
7 years ago
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