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Has anyone played in the all-in or fold tournaments on Carbon?
I played in a few 3 dollar buy-in tournaments.
I think they are ok if you like to sit back and fold alot.
What do you think about these tournaments?
5 years ago
Never played them, and I don't think I ever will. Not much Poker over it. Must be extremely dull

5 years ago
Never played them and dont like the idea too.
good for players who are bad at post-flop play though or just having fun.
5 years ago
For sure, its not the poker.
5 years ago
Dont know if that would be mine kind of poker would have to rail it one day to see what find of play is there
5 years ago
As far as I am concerned this type of game is not Poker, there is no skill involved, you might as well toss a coin, its not for me

5 years ago
Sounds like tourneys to me lol.

5 years ago
 - Edited 5 years ago
Thats too much Luckfactor for me.
Thats not really cool Game for me.
I wouldnt try it

5 years ago
I have played a couple. I have not had any success in them. I guess its like any game really. You know the rules. If you feel comfortable with the set rules, play. If it bothers you then stay away
5 years ago
For me I think that all the rooms are similar, we play much with hand, therefore we see many bad beat

5 years ago
I've played a few $1 and $2's. These games are interesting because you can solve them precisely using Independent Chip Model. It'd be hard to run it over and over in real time hand per hand but basically you play very very tight when the blinds are small and when you get to 10 bbs and then 5bbs thats' when you push and call wider.

I like the games. They help me grind VIP points for rakeback or bonus or the 100 seats to $100K satellite.
4 years ago
Never played and never will play some bullshit tournaments...that are for bingo players..or lotto
4 years ago
Well, might be good for push-fold practicing. Surely you won't make any mistakes postflop

But as I understand it, when you sit on blinds, you can fold as well or are you automatically all-in? Because the latter would be quite similar to coinflips.
Btw noticed some carnage tournaments on microgaming but never checked them, are they the same?
4 years ago
At the ALL IN POKER SOFTWARE they have heads all in 1 hand. imagine anything goes for $100.00 buy in.
4 years ago
I played this tournament and I are ok if you have a lucky day and you get cards, you're lucky if you go to minus
4 years ago
I play it once a while and its usually get me tilted... there are many many suckouts there more then in freezeouts and other tournaments. but its fun for once a while.
4 years ago
Not my cup of tea. All In or Fold tournaments are exactly what they sound like, each hand is a situation where you can go all in or fold. The all in element just means that you are at a table with anyone that calls your all in or you calling there's. Its a race. These games always come down to teeth grinding emotions going down to the river, each table only really resolves during situations when each player in each hand think they have a chance to win.
4 years ago
Those tournaments teach you what kind of hands to play and what not to play.But they are more like a lottery ticket when you go all-in. You just dont know whats going to flop.
With a 3 dollar buy-in, its not a bad tournament to play if you are playing another tournament also.
4 years ago
Ive played only one I bought in by accident meaning to buy into the Bounty SNG Not a fan takes all the romance (cat and mouse) out of poker.
4 years ago
Ugh, I thought there were $1 and $2 AIOF tourneys, I can only find $2s and $5s now. Merge has a real weird structure for their tourneys and SNGS in general.

I have also accidentally registered for these when massively multitabling $5 double up SNGS, so I know where you're coming from on that.
4 years ago
I've played onetime ,but didnt make it past the my first all-in hand.
4 years ago
All in or Fold Em Poker Tournaments on Carbon are basically a Crap shoot with the winnings going to the luck box of the day most often then not.
Fold Not Want Not is my thoughts on it, it takes the street to street battle away from the game. I would rather swim with feeeeesh then eat salmon of spoiled taste.

Good Luck in the All in or Fold Em Poker Tournaments Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring profits and joy to you and yours Col.
4 years ago
 - Edited 4 years ago
Never this is crazy tournaments
4 years ago
ImthexCAT (#19) wrote: Ive played only one I bought in by accident meaning to buy into the Bounty SNG Not a fan takes all the romance (cat and mouse) out of poker.
That's a nice surprise then. I remember back when I started playing Poker, I by mistake entered an Omaha S'n'G instead of a Texas Hold'em. I had to surf for the rules, and it all got very confusing, but still I managed to win it LOL
4 years ago
I will go only in freeroll

4 years ago
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