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I mean the buying fee?10-20?less or more?
5 years ago
No more than 1% of your BR for MTT and no more than 5-10% for Single table SNGs.
5 years ago
Its your opinion or a book that you read or something?
5 years ago
Almost all bankroll managemt articles said what AAchip said in his reply...but is to much for you bankroll to play 30 or 50 sng or mtt
5 years ago
Maybe maximum 10% tournament buy in

5 years ago
$5 to $10 MTT's
5 years ago
Thanks guys

5 years ago
If you play smart and dob't play over your br..i used to watch the videos on full tilt and they had great bankroll management videos..i think it was what the other guys said no more than 10 percent on mtt and so on poker bankroll management maybe there will be some stuff there
5 years ago
I like playing the $700/ $1500 guarantee freeze out there seem to be less players and pay is good i try to stay away from the re byes there are some large bankrolls in them and they through there money around like people through candy in a parade route good luck to ya
5 years ago
I dontrisk more than 10 percent at any time.
5 years ago
dudira (#1) wrote: I mean the buying fee?10-20?less or more?
5 years ago
I use Chris Fergusons bankroll management style. Read up on it. It really does extend your roll
5 years ago
Yea, a good rule of thumb for MTT's is 1 percent, so that would make it safe to bet $10 games. I have 2K and I still am too gunshy to play in the $5 tourneys. $3 is all I feel comfortable with, but it is a new year, and I could do a New Year's resolution thing to myself to play more $5 tourneys.
5 years ago
Thats one of my problems i get bored easyly and wants the higher stakesi wish i was more like you
5 years ago
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