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I see a lot of raising in online poker ! What message does it send ?
6 years ago
Lol the message is shows Aggression... Just up to you to figure out... Sometimes Tilt players most times not.
6 years ago
Aggression or tilt sounds just about right. Or there catching some great hands. Could be any one of these.
6 years ago
Keep an eye on position and play accordingly
6 years ago
That u need to fold

6 years ago
Lol a raise means if you dont have good cards fold fold fold
6 years ago
Raising is just a means of taking control of a hand. When you are the raiser everyone is looking at you for what you will do next. Unless you are overly aggressive they cant make a bold play against you because you are in control of the hand and usually have best chance of taking the hand down without a showdown
6 years ago
Wow I don't even know where to begin the message could mean so much it depends on the players, if you're in tourneys the levels, chip stack or position. You just have to pay attention to everything lol.
6 years ago
dudira (#5) wrote: That u need to fold

This basically sums it up for me.
But a raise could be something or nothing, it all depends on your reads and your table.
Now a REraise, thats a different story

6 years ago
A raise these days means little it seems people look at a raise the same way a crackhead looks at a rock...super excited and they are going to go for it regardless the . Obviously not true but some days it seems that way.
6 years ago
ImthexCAT (#10) wrote: it seems people look at a raise the same way a crackhead looks at a rock...
6 years ago
Raise only if they are sure they have the best cards in hand, no bluff about anything
6 years ago
It tells me I better get ready for All in or Fold time. Same as when a person shows you a fist. What are you gonna do? Fight or flight time.
6 years ago
 - Edited 6 years ago
Position dependent, early position the raiser is saying to the whole table I am very strong.A raise made from the cut-off, button or SB can be a steal most times.The raise size also has to be considered, standard raises, min raises OTT raises all send different signals.
Most times if you have invested little in the pot it is best to fold unless the player is known to bluff and you have a relatively strong hand, the I suggest 4 betting.I find a large river raises hard to call without a near nut hand

6 years ago
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