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Just curious if anyone is planning to attend - participate in any of the WSOP Circuit games in April

Here's the Cherokee page and here's the schedule link --

I've only played in a few live buy-in tourneys down in FL and was thinking it might be cool to check out a WSOP tourney just to experience it --

5 years ago
Bro you must play in an event. there are super fun ad a way to test yourself. it takes mad stamina to make it threw day one in these events. it feels so good tho when you do. its like being on top of the world especially if your series about poker. the buyins are some what small and usually have ten thousand starting stacks with thirty min blinds. I think like usually around seven hundred players play then them. I am going to play in new Orleans in may again, in the wsop circuit events. wish ya all the best in life and on the felts.
5 years ago
How cool that would be EZ,if ya go keep us informed,what a dream tourny..get down there and come back with a pic of your new WSOP Ring my freind!! 187

5 years ago
Not this year.
5 years ago
Yes , I am going to be there from the 6th to the 10th, than if I can satty into ME be back on for that as well. The cash game action should be hopping as well looking forward to it. If you are going to be there on those dates hit me up. I also posted about this.
5 years ago
I would love to go. I have played at this casino numerous times. I also belong to WSOP , the buyin start at $200. All who go needs to visit the Indian museum and if you have time drive over the mountain to Gatlinburg which is breathtaking no matter how many times you do it.You may see some bears this time of year . Have fun, stay safe, and play hard.
5 years ago
Im right in knoxville. Not that far from the casino. I might go and watch a little.
poor guy like me cant afford to attend thou.

5 years ago
Wish ya the best of luck in your games 'xcat (missed your earlier post) and all who plan to go

I have a friend up Blue Ridge way whose son is on the circuit leaderboard and I'll probably tag along with them -- I just have to make a long weekend --- work gets in the way

It's a win-win for me --- there's great flyfishing for trout in the Great Smokies National Park area and now a WSOP gig --

have rod and chips -- will travel

5 years ago
 - Edited 5 years ago
I never have, it would definitely be fun though. Good luck if you do decide to play!
5 years ago
Heading out today. Planning on playing the 6 max nlh event on the 8th and the Limit holdem event on the 9th. If anyone is going to be there and wants to say hi pm me before 4pm et and ill give you my info. Looking forward to the cash games as well.
5 years ago
I was thinking to come and watch a lil bit but the road from gatlingburg over the hump is closed since they had landslide over at NC side and i dont feel like going around just to watch some live poker
I wish all the best at the felts cat, keep us posted after you come back with some cash
5 years ago
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