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Has anyone here ever played at ACR, True Poker, or 5Dimes for real money? The article my friend sent me about BetOnline was promoting 5Dimes as a site that could be trusted, where as BetOnline cannot be. I've been a member of the site before, but removed it from my computer because they have nothing to offer. What I mean is freerolls. That is one thing I looked for a few years back. But now I do something to get into the games I play now, like we do here. Makes it feel like you are working toward a goal. Think I'm getting off track, so will shut up now lol
6 years ago
I played at true for awhile then uninstalled it,,, didn't care for software... take care
6 years ago
I played America's Card Room a bit and won a few dollars on a freeroll then tried the BBJ table's and was not impressed. Turned 25 cent's into $50 in their casino playing slots, then kept playing them until I lost it all, lol. Can't say anything about Five Dime's though since I never heard of it before. So that site was promoting it? Wow, show's how much I pay
6 years ago
I never played at true poker or 5dimes.i played at ACR before but didn't like it that much and unistalled the software.
6 years ago
Same with me you all. I just did not like the site. Plus those sites seem to make my computer run bad. Everything hanging up.
6 years ago
I have never played at any of those 2 sites i try to check out site before i dowload them,
6 years ago
Hi, well my first post here
and after brousing this site i saw your question.
I'm a formerly forumowner and heard about this room. What members told me that there arent much players and games are limited. Also support, when needed it, is difficult to reach.
I'm not sure about withdrawals, but to be honoust I havent heard complaints about it.
My advice would be: try to build up a bankroll with free money and try to withdraw first before depositing.


6 years ago
Never played on any of these sites so far.
@Geraldo: On many sites you have to make a deposit first befeore you will be allowed to withdraw money.
6 years ago
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