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Attack Poker is growing Fast
Attack Poker is a free to play online poker site from Las Vegas that gives you awesome prizes for winning.
You may even sit at a table with one of the Attack Girl Models.
It has a large selection of games to enter for free to play. There are no cash games at all on the site.
100k in points are awarded for signing up and these points are used to enter the tournaments.
Prizes are the payout. And they are shipped quickly and free.
I have won the hat, tanktop, t-shirt, mouse pad and deck of cards so far.
There is a variety of prize packs to be won including Tuesday Throwdowns where 1st place is a Attack Swag Pack with t-shirt, hat, cards and a patch or you can try the Saturday Smackdown and win a Attack Poker Hoodie and the top 10 players make it into the Monthly Mayhem Event.

Attack Poker is on Facebook and Twitter and there is also an app available in the iTunes Store.
Attack Poker just opened an online store to purchase some of their Apparel but... its always fun to win.
Give it a try!! There is nothing to lose!!

2 years ago
 - Edited 2 years ago
Thanks Pricey.... I just signed on. Looks like its easy and fun.
2 years ago
If your good enough to win promotional swag why not invest your time into winning cash? I assume people there do not ever feel pressed to make good plays with no monetary risk or incentive, curious how this effects gameplay.
2 years ago
This is just something additional to try. It is not necessarily instead of cash sites.Takes the pressure off of depositing and you still have an incentive to win something. A;way nice to try something new.
People who play freerolls have no monetary risk either.
2 years ago
True but they do have monetary incentive. Just not my bag. But I think its a great way for those who are adverse to wagering to have a chance to enjoy the competition of poker.
2 years ago
IWASLION (#3) wrote: If your good enough to win promotional swag why not invest your time into winning cash? I assume people there do not ever feel pressed to make good plays with no monetary risk or incentive, curious how this effects gameplay.
Well i do play plenty of poker!! In fact i have cut back some as it was too much. But i am a grinder, I love sngs and i am a member at several forums which i play all forum games and am very active in several cash races on a monthly basis. I sat out the past spring series but was on a team in the past which took 2nd place here at and i play on another team every month with a different forum.
This is just a break for me and gives me something to show for all the damn time i spend playing poker when i win some of the swag. I loved the ub gear games back in the day , and i have won several items on 888 poker as well as cash throughout the years. I also love accolades anything that gives me something to focus on and a reason to try harder.
So for members unlike myself, that cant deposit, and have an even harder time trying to withdraw, ( i am frome Canada and can play just about anywhere anytime, so that is not an issue for me) this is just another option. And tbo no its not a donkfest lol people do try hard to win this stuff and its something different and just as much fun.
Good Luck and Great Flops!!!

2 years ago
Aside from the cold Canada
sounds good!
2 years ago
Lol Well we have warm hearts

2 years ago
Yeah, I definitely see your angle. Anyways I thought about the 100+ hours I spent playing a video-game called 'governor of poker II' and kinda felt the irony of my own opinion.

2 years ago
I just downloaded it and played a tourney and got some points. it's def better than some of the apps on Facebook and the best thing is you don't have to pay a monthly fee to win the prizes like SOME sites..won't mention their names lol
2 years ago
Good luck!
2 years ago
Yup... I tried and could not play from this state. Weird stuff. Anyways good luck to all who play. Send me a prize.

2 years ago
It tend's to time out repeatedly though. been on the site since it opened and it has always drove me crazy. but it's cool other than that.
2 years ago
Is it the same as replay poker or zynga or WPT poker
2 years ago
I was so close to winning the zino cigars one time on WPT.
2 years ago
I am not that familar with WPT but it is not anything like the one with Mike Sexton if those are the ones you mean. There is no membership fee and no qualifiers the games are usually direct entries. This is a regular poker site and you can enter various tournaments for free you can play for points and prizes just not cash. But there are several events offered on different nights and some of the prizes are very nice, and the shipping is free.
2 years ago
Love the swag,I too remember the UB stuff,have a few hats and a book as I recall,thanks for this Pricey and I`m sure we`ll meet at some final swag tables,donkinbuck attack, alittle play on words there...yea I ain`t funny!! 187

2 years ago
Always looking for something different, so might as well see if they accept limey's ;-)

How much do you charge for winning 888 gear for others, lol. Those games drive me berserk and thats on a good day!
2 years ago
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