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Any players in the U.S. have advice for cashing Bovada's checks? Seems no bank will do it for less than $75 fee.
5 years ago
My sister-in-law used to cash them, and paid a fee, but I didn't realize it was that much. I can't remember if she ever said how much it was.
5 years ago
Do you ever deal with a check cashing place-in the past ive cashed fulltilt checks there-the checks from a usa bank-any outa country checks are getting hard to cash-if you do deal with one you know ,it might be the way to go good luck ed
5 years ago
$75?! Holy cow, I'd be laughing my way right out the front door!

In all honesty, I've never had a problem with my bank (Wells Fargo, to be specific). I've always used either the mobile depositing, or simply dropped it into one of their ATMs. Obviously, I wouldn't be mentioning the fact that it's from poker, because then they won't cash it, but I've only had to explain a check once, and simply mentioned that it was an investment return and nothing more was said.

Might be worth looking into. I hope they'd at least give you some lube after charging that kind of a fee.
5 years ago
Wow kinda disappointing to here that because I have a lot of money there. I have never had to pay a fee before for cashing a poker check in.
5 years ago
I have never heard of having to pay a fee to cash a cheque at the bank?
5 years ago
Some international fee, PNC will do it. you can even sign it over to a friend that has an account there.
5 years ago
This site is good for EU players? Do you know ....because they don't let me in.

5 years ago
I haven't yet had to pay an extra fee to cash the checks, but I have often had to wait over a week after depositing for the bank to let me know that the checks had in fact cleared before I could access the funds. I also had one poker room check bounce, and the bank since then won't allow me to deposit anything from them anymore.
5 years ago
I have cashed several checks from them and never been charged a fee by any bank. Stick it in the ATM like they tell you too and normally 2-3 days its all good. I used my local credit union for a long time and they sometimes put a hold on the checks, and then i switched to BOA and i deposit them in the ATM no problem, clears every time. Screw those fees though i have never heard of that
5 years ago
I haven't cashed one from them in years...But my Carbon checks I just deposit them into my checking account at my Chase Bank,,, I just keep enough in the account for a month or so, just in case it comes back...take care
5 years ago
Im glad to here that some people are not having issues cashing checks. I have been able to cash checks without any issues from carbon so hopefully I wont have problems with Bovada either.
5 years ago
My bank likes to charge a dollar and 50 cents. If I just deposit it in the ATM it will deposit my winnings for free. I like that Bovada has such a $20 minimum payout schedule. Some of my poker sites have $500 minimum payouts and others charge $100 a withdrawal.
5 years ago
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