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I just watched a television show about big-foot and a 'wolfman' in Wolfe county Kentucky. I live about 35 miles from where they done this show. The crazy feller Turtleman on T-V lives about 105 miles from me. Now, They showed some pretty convincing evidence, but i myself have been in the woods longer and more often than any mofo in my tri-state area. Iv'e walked enough miles in 45 years to beat any record that could exist if there were any way to prove it. Been in wilderness and caves and the roughest gdam country you can imagine. Including the town of Hazel Green, wolfe county,KY. I have never seen, heard or thought i saw any strange creatures in the woods, except a couple of times and i'm sure they were captured and returned to the asylum they escaped from. And the occasional run in with a mountain man gathering wild herbs and roots. But even though they look a mite strange to a city feller, they don't look anything like a 7 foot tall wolf, that walks on two legs, no less. I was born in the territory of Alaska, since it wasn't a state yet[hehe] and never saw any abominable snow men either. My next stop was Texas,where i grew up. Yep, woke up one morning and my neighbor was cuttin' a hell of a shine. I went over and he was really freaking out.We lived in east Texas right near the Big Thicket National Preserve. It was on TV too once concerning the big footed guy. Well, he says mel, you gotta see this, so he takes me behind his house and a couple hundred feet in that dam swamp azz country and shows me 4 or 5 big azz foot prints. Hell, i was only 16 at the time, and while i remember it like yesterday, i was impressed and looked them over good, i wasn't that inclined to give it any more thought. I moved to Kentucky that winter and been here since. 39 years this year, and been in these woods every day of those 39 years.So how could i miss out on seeing at least some kind of 'creature' or evidence left by one. And had the luck? of living right next door to these bad azz buggars. I reckon they should call Turtleman.
5 years ago
I've seen that turtleman dude on tv , he's stone nuts lmaoooo ,

but ya bigfoot movies and stories were big when I grew up ,

never saw any such thing for myself where I lived but it was

kinda fun scaring yourself sllly with scary stories I guess lol
5 years ago
No such thing as spaceman,yetis,ghosts,snow men,sasquatch or bigfoots,I too am in the woods as much as I can and have never seen or heard anything that might make me think there is something of this nature...sorry just don`t believe it!! 187

5 years ago
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