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Made 29 in freerolls and lost 1$ in entry fee, 2nd at poker host tetostersone tuesday, and i blew the last hand with pocket queens,we were even in chips and i raised fron button to 18k and got called by k9, flop is kj2 and he checks and i bet 18k and he reraises to 36 and i knew i should have folded, he was fairly tight,but i went allin and got 2nd, 6th in a redstar freeroll,and made 11 in the 99 at hero,plus money fron sngs freerolls.
7 years ago
Congrats and well done indeed.
7 years ago
Very good it is really hard to cash in freerolls so many bad players well not bad players but bad ppl who don't take freerolls serious therefore they play any 2 cards

7 years ago
Congrats, you had a good day
7 years ago
Btw whats the requirement for that testosterone freeroll on pokerhost? i see it in lobby but never played

7 years ago
Very tough fold there HU w/ QQ, I'm rarely folding there........... don't be too hard on yourself.
7 years ago
Everytime u got good cards in HU must play them .No point to fold QQ there.
7 years ago
What exactly is red star poker? I'm not familiar with it. Congrats on a profitable day.

The testosterone freeroll on PokerHost is a male only tournament. You have to contact player admin or live chat to request the required coupon. Once you recieve it you can play every week.
Best of luck on the felts.
7 years ago
Congratulations ,,,if u will have such a day ...every day u will be a pro
7 years ago
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