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B4 today i had around 10 2nds and 3rds,i got no hands for a long time,after about 45 minutes i had 900 chips and went allin on a10,and doubled up, then stole 3 blinda and then another double up,then i got some good cards and there was one player that had a lot of chips and tried to bluff me 4 times and i called him down and won all 4 with top pairs and 1 strait.when it was final 3 i got chip lead and only lost it minimally for a few hands,the 3 way went on about an hr then , i got qq in sb and raised to 16k,the bb had ak and shoved allin and my qq held up, then a few hands later in hu with a 3 to 1 chip lead he shoved all in on button with 108 off i had pocket 10s and they won!
also a 7th at rox 100 added (won yesterday)and a 2nd at true poker freeroll, 3rd in horse micro ,my winnings since 1st r 380$
6 years ago
Oh so ur Jimmy D sure run into you alot but you have good game...congrats.
6 years ago
I tend to forget to play the Triumvirate. i usually get deep in the 33ct games and just forget that 9pm is approaching
6 years ago
That 9;00 game is a tuffy to money, I have never won it 3 thirds and 1 second for me.

wtg JD keep up the great poker N
6 years ago
Jimmy your a beast, wish i could run like you for awhile. hope you have another good month. im sue you will, you put in the time.
6 years ago
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