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Had my aces cracked by a gut shot straight last week. I flopped trips and the player made his/her straight on the turn. Was one of the craziest suckouts I've had this series. I dont even remember who it was but I hope the poker gods have a nice 3 outter for me in the future.
6 years ago
64 its a good card
; i was knocked out with my AA vs 2h 8h!!!! Called all in and made flush!!!! geez im shocked even today!!!!

6 years ago
Happens. we have all seen it and it isnt like that is impossible. best hands to beat AA are the suited connectors anyways
6 years ago
This is a feeling I get at least once a day it seems.

Earlier, it was my AA vs. 47o, aipf -- villain turned a straight. Awesome, right?! At least it was just a private freeroll, but was close to the money, grrrr.
6 years ago
Tzest0s was out with Aces by a player all in with 64 this series. Unreal how this happens too often.
6 years ago
If you play on Pokerstars you see that very often...
I remember my AA vs 44... we both flop trips and sure he rivers Quads...just sick.
Hate it ,but thats Poker.
6 years ago
I guess as the saying goes any two cards can win that the sick part its like a free roll people through there chips in with nothing and if they hit its all over
6 years ago
The majority of the time you have Aces you will win,depending of corse how many players are in the hand but you should have raised some out,at most 9 person tables there should only be 2 players contending at a time but with donks playing any 2 cards its kinda hard,they think if youre betting u must be bluffing jeesh sometimes its so hard!
6 years ago
Variance swung around this weekend and I made two final tables.
6 years ago
Look here finaly table 3000 guaranted KK vs AA
6 years ago
Sick i had 64 crack my aces before, guy flop a str8 in a cash game, lost 15 bucks on that hand, i was tilted after that.
6 years ago
Yeah man I was playing th VIP 10k on lock yesterday and my AA got cracked by JJ. The funny thing is, I didnt even get upset. I knew once he turned over a inferior pocket pair mine was going to get beat. I kinda laughed and said to myself," atleast it was on the turn and not the river" Thats said when you find badbeats funny in any since. I have came to a very real conclusion that superior hands will fal to lesser hands. So granted we might be inclined to play them.. I just now knw that I will be more likely to fold them just the same. I mean unless I get the monster 22. NEVER FOLD 22-55 THEY HIT ALMOST EVERY TIME ON MERGE.
6 years ago
What can u say when u lose with AA all inn preflop in cash game the pot was 250$ i rased he went all inn,i called(big mistake) he showed 7 4 off suit and i was like WTF..the flop was priceless- 444.Everything else is history

6 years ago
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