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After seeing the Scotty Ngyuen representing the wsop South Africa new from I thought which poker star would you like to drink and why. My two choices would be Scotty Ngyuen, Phil Hellmuth, and Doyle Brunson.

Scotty would be cause hes a wild drunk as seen in the WSOP final table. Phil because hes keeps the Dom Perignon flowing. Doyle would be to hear unedited no holds brawl stories about the wild wild west days of poker.

Who would you like to throw a few cold ones back with?
6 years ago
Probably Mike Matusow. Scotty Ngyuen will find a way to get in your soul if you are heads up with him and drinking. Hellmuth is hilarious when he takes a beat, whether drinking or not!
6 years ago
Scotty by far
6 years ago
Daniel N has real personality, Scotty no, had enough of silly drunks in my youth.
Some of the English guys would be fun, Devilfish, The Mad Monk, are two I can think of.
Played poker in a pub back in the day and won everybody's cash.Then was accused of cheating.
Fortunately the biggest guy there had palmed a few bucks off me to join in and provided security why I grabbed a cab.
Best investment I made that week, staking him into the game.

6 years ago
This might be a bit odd, but i dont drink or do any type of drug. However i do enjoy the atmosphere of a good natured game with some drinking involved. As far as those guys that get ugly, belligerent and rude i have no interest in playing a game with folks like that. I like to have fun at poker and am a laid back quiet listener type guy, all that theatrical stuff is for the birds.
6 years ago
I would like to hang with scottie, sam farha, johhny chan, phil helmuth and take all their money while i keep telling the hostess to bring them

6 years ago
Prob Daniel N
he looks like he's a fun drunk
Doyle would prob drink me under the tbl before he spilled his guts about the old days
Scotty would prob get us thrown in jail or at least where ever we were drinking
6 years ago
Yeah Daniel Negraneu would prolly be cool to drink with he prolly wouldn't stop talking
Another Phil Hellmuth sure he's a poker brat but 11 bracelets he can say what he wants and i'd listen. I think Doyle Brunson would pass out early after a few beers so prolly wouldn't be no fun drinking with.

6 years ago
Tom dawn lol notttt
i would go on eli elezra yes because he know hebrew and hes look like a interesting guy
always fun to watch i bet he has good stories
6 years ago
I'm about to find out who my favourite poker playing drinking buddies would be. I hope Debbie and Sandy can handle it..not that they claim to be pro poker players.

6 years ago
I would just love to drink at the table, but would have it all over me and the table after the first drink! I would have drink with any pro, maybe I could learn something.

6 years ago
Id lie to drink with old doyle get him good and fk up then take his money lol
6 years ago
I like, so my choice is Phil Hellmuth

6 years ago
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