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The player makes a very good Profecional comments on FullTiltPoker

In the last part of this video lecture speaks very reason for this topic.

See it full here:

Video made ​​16 February 2012
6 years ago
Thats what i like about daniel
he's dead on
5 years ago
Negreanu is naturally funny. I like how he says in the beginning of the video he's going to Brazil, then toward the middle he lets everyone know he just had a physical and is free of std's! By the way Daniel, they always say 'your triglycerides are high'. And then they say you basically can't eat anything or drink alcohol. Daniel sure does keep it real in his words for Full Tilt and the infamous 3 - I'd love to hear some answers too Daniel.
5 years ago
I like that Daniel got his 2 cents worth in there, especially for all the people who still have money owed to them on Fulltilt. I really didn't need to know the results of his physical though...he is a talker, isn't he?

5 years ago
Love Daniel, watching his small ball videos has strengthened my game.
I have money on FTP and hope his comments help matters.

5 years ago
Oops didnt see this and just posted about it, my bad mate.
5 years ago
what he said about Brazilian women was hilarious and the bat to the nuts things, a classic!

5 years ago
And he's right about the scumbags
5 years ago
Not only has Daniel's skills made him my favorite player, his personality as a whole is also great. His comments were spot-on, and that's what I like about him.
5 years ago
Would like to thank you and your members for your continued support. We look forward to a future filled with many more challenging, and successful events. ))

5 years ago
Gathered Sunday Million this week, 7768 people, the prize fund stood at $ 1.533 million, and won the main prize winner was Gorby3975 from Russia. In the first place, he received $ 208,000. It is interesting to note that just a week ago and has won Gorby Sunday Storm ($ 29,000). In final heads-up beat Romanian Russian puicachamp, for his efforts runner-up received $ 195,000. Third place went to Leanod from Belarus ($ 116,000)

The biggest tournament of the week award went to Tobias, meanwhile «crackin_ty» Huber, Red Spade Open champion 3. Winning the tournament with a buy-in $ 50, which gathered at the tables almost 25,000 people, earned $ 247,000 Austrian. Transactions of the final table did not sign, so the second medalist (Spanish rosekqq) received a $ 110,000 less.

Sunday Warm-Up does not disappoint, as always, the tournament brought together at the tables 3668 people, the guarantee has been exceeded $ 233,000. The winner of the tournament and the proud owner of $ 93,000 was a German TheJunobv. Due to the final transaction runner Zackattak13 received two thousand more. Russian ZERGA_77 (third place), who also took part in the aforementioned contract was $ 73,000.

Sunday 500 gathered together 867 people, first in the tournament took gangst3rn1 from Germany, a victory earned him 70,000, in the final heads-up, he walked around the Canadian uwintakeit (63 000).

Among the remaining results is to provide the final table of Kevin McPhee for Bigger $ 162 (seventh, 8643), as well as win Marseille «p3rc4" Bjorkman on Sunday Rebuy (65 000)
5 years ago
+1000, those guys all belong in jail and ne of you that still want to play on ftp are crazy. The top may be gone but there will be a lot of middle guys who were doing their thing as always. -Cookies
5 years ago
I like Daniel, hes funny and a very good poker player. he has a nak for reading people and hands. Almost like he is physic.
5 years ago
SendCookies (#12) wrote: +1000, those guys all belong in jail and ne of you that still want to play on ftp are crazy. The top may be gone but there will be a lot of middle guys who were doing their thing as always. -Cookies
But pretty much the only thing the same (imo) will be the software. People who picture returning to play on FTP won't be returning to the room as they knew it. Even for non-US who were playing on FTP post BlackFriday will tell you that the site was quite a bit different from pre-BF.
It'll never be the same (sigh). Not to say that it couldn't be good though. I think the FTP software was better than all others by far!!! (I miss it ... sigh)
5 years ago
Hes the only Guy speaking out the Truth

Come play and chat with the Pros

Where are the Pros now as every FTP Player wants to chat with Ferguson and Lederer...
They are really big Moneyeating and stealing Assholes

I hope they have good Maskes or something else to hide ther Faces...
Ferguson maybe get a good Haircut...

I really like FTP Software and Gameplay and iam first online in a Tourney when they relaunch.
Because i think every one will get paid and that will never happen again. Iam sure noone is so stupid again

5 years ago
Neg is class act all the way i cant believe hes not american.
5 years ago
Lol iceman
I agree.
This is why Negreanu is my favorite poker pro. He tells it like it is and is a pretty good poker player as well. Pokerstars did well to have him join their team. He is probably the best ambassador for poker.
5 years ago
Daniel dont hold his tongue if its wrong and i like that, dude is a straight up guy.
5 years ago
Over the years ive started to see Daniel as a bit of a condescending prick
like him as a player but still
5 years ago
Very good. The part of his rant about FTP starts at about the 6:00 mark.
5 years ago
Good for Daniel I guess ...I hope he has the right people?
5 years ago
He has always been a striaght up guy.
gladm to hear him speak mhis mind
5 years ago
He is such an amazing, interesting, smart, funny pretty much any good thing you can say about a person. Wish there were more people just like him.
5 years ago
Daniel Negreanu can be super annoying at times but at other times he's dead on and beyond honest in whatever he talks about. The way he's blatantly calling out all these "pro poker player" scammer peoples takes balls. He plays real high stakes poker with these bums all the time so he knows he's putting a target on his head. But, at the same time he's so ridiculous psychic with his reads I'm sure he doesn't care one bit what those low down type of people think of him or say about him because he's clean and honest and has never dirtied anyone before.
5 years ago
Lederer or Ferguson hasn`t shown their faces at any poker tournys or high stakes games since Black Friday,and I think Daniel had better go back and read his hold em for beginners cause lately he hasn`t won squat!
5 years ago
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