A big fat no i think
3 years ago
Its been so long ago and so much has happened since then that most ppl dont even remember what happened. As it was i had to ask a friend because i didnt remember all the facts or should i say the story of what happened.
3 years ago
It would be an interesting story to find out exactly what happened, who was involved and who got screwed. I think there is alot more to the super user accounts then they have let on.
3 years ago
UP / AB was the most awesome Pokersite for US that's what I know my friend play there a lot and had his money stuck there.
3 years ago
Funny how u can still see ur account just see ur money sitting there
3 years ago
Nope nada the money spent there is all legal thru a canadian license and us wont jepordize dealin with it. Ub/ap covered there ass well.
3 years ago
Nope i doubt it it makes me sick thinking about how i use to play their.
3 years ago
Me and my wife both played there have to say was a eazy site too make money
3 years ago
I never played there but I doubt any charges will come from this, or from PS/FTP either.
Call me a cynic but I still believe the DOJ's action was solely to undercut the bigger poker room here in the US. With the intention of clearing the market for US land based casinos.
3 years ago
Someone will end up the scapegoat but I doubt more then 2-3 people end up being it.
3 years ago
I really dont know. Its all a money thing. If the government gets there money they will be happy. Its hard for the government to prosecute people from another country unless the come to the US.
3 years ago
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