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Both my self and my wife join to play in the OFC tournament on the 11th after the first game was cancelled due to some BS by regent . They are know saying the moneys from all the USA players is being held in a account until further time, 1 they are doing nothing more then scamming our money it will never be returned because if we ever our allowed to play after this stunt know one will ever put money on a site that rips you off. 2 they also know that are hands are tied at this point there is no action we can take the judge will throw you right out on your butt. alot of the merge sites have been pretty decent to let us play with out running scared I truly hope we all can start spending our money the way we want not the way our government tells us too. Tyvm for taking the time to read this best of luck to you all on as well as off the felt gl take care. Hojo64
4 years ago
Merge is the only 1 left what?

Be more spefic.

Only one left network you are playing at?
4 years ago
Think he means that merge is all we got well theres cake also
my ? is what is regent was that a everleaf skin i never heard of it ?
4 years ago
And bovada, I am liking it more and more.
4 years ago
I thought merge was the only thing left for usa players, i play at several poker sites but carbon is the one with most money in it right now
4 years ago
IMO everleaf is holding on to USA $$, for seeing a break threw in the USA's regulating poker online.

This hopeful thinking...but I got a good feeling on this one
4 years ago
Lean, Bovada is doing a lot more promoting than they did as Bodog.
I would not get my hopes up about Everleaf, Potaholic. Shady move and a lot of misinformation there
4 years ago
Ive been hearing a lot about Bovada lately havent had the chance to check it out yet but heard its pretty good
4 years ago
I am finally starting to become happy with Merge. It took me a long time to want to play online poker again after that dreadful day where I can't even sniff my money. But after a few months on Carbon, i am finally starting to like it. I do hate the suckouts that seem to happen a tad bit more, but as far as I know, they atleast are sending us our cash. That goes far in my eyes.
4 years ago
They have sent me a check no issue. Came from a Canadian Bank. No complaints here, besides the beats that i have been taking for past year. Ever since I withdrew actually.

4 years ago
I will gaurantee I will not make a deposit at any other site until this gets sorted out, if you were to send them money at this point you are crazy.

4 years ago
It seems merge is the only thing going for the usa atm, i am trying to find other sites myself, do anybody have any info on usa friendly sites besides merge
4 years ago
Ok so i am a bit lost is Bodog now Bovado because all i did was update my Bodog poker room!! But is still seems to be Bodog.

4 years ago
The Government is not trying to tell us how to spend our money.. They only want to insure the system is set in place to where they get there cut of your winnings... The clock is ticking and they are close... Vegas has made a few moves that shows Legislation is going to pass soon and it will be off to the races.... Besides I might feel more comfortable with the site i play at being USA based because i will atleast have better access to legal action if needed.
4 years ago
I dont care what site I have to play at... at this point I just want to play. Simple as that.

I think everleaf will eventually get the US players their money back..I dont know why, but I have faith.

I just wish I could have my Full tilt back....that too much to ask?

4 years ago
Merge doesnt pay so dont play there. Only place i have got a check and it was good is intertops and it took 5 days trust me on this.
4 years ago
I never had problems with the Merge Network (Carbon Poker) always deposited and withdrawals made ‚Äč‚Äčnormally only asked me documents once after the first service (proof of residency and driver's license), then I was never asked for anything and always my money was credited to the account within 48 working hours

4 years ago
You are lucky ive been asked 3 times for my identification and also have raninto every way ya could postpone a withdrawal from carbon,players, and walker believe what ya want hojo everyone has opinions.
4 years ago
Merge skins, Cake skins, and Americas Cardroom are al I know of that are still accepting US players.

As a US player post Black Friday, and until just recently, I wasn't depositing at any poker room. Starting in late October or early November I made small(er) deposits at my preferred rooms on Merge, Cake, and Everleaf networks.
Six months of freerolls and low stake games was driving me crazy!

Prior to Everleaf Network's recently recent departure from the US market it seemed like Obama's DOJ was easing off, perhaps even open to a workable solution. I was even optimistic that we could be back on Full Tilt (given it's pending sale is completed) by the summer. Now it seems clear that campaign contibutions from the big US casino interests (MGM,Harrahs, etc.) here will again be paving the way for them to exclude any offshore poker rooms from the US market and its players.

Until then, Merge and Cake network poker skins are all I'll be playing at and will not be surprised if they are also closed down to US players soon.

Although I doubt I will sign up and no way will I be depositing...
Americas Cardroom (formerly Doyle's Room) is also open to US players.

Here are my notes on Americas Cardroom:

During peak hours Americas Cardroom has "1,100 cash game players and 2,000 tournament players".
Most players are at the hold'em tables.

Americas Cardroom accepts US players: Yes
Network: Yatahay
Rakeback Method: Contributed
Games offered: Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Li, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, HORSE, Five Card Draw, Razz, HOSE , 8Game.

Americas Cardroom Frequent Player Promotion:
For every $0.01 you contribute to the house rake you earn 1 Frequent Player Point (FPP).
FPPs are accumulated by playing at the real money ring games and by paying tournament fees.
FPP can be used to a) buy-in for different types of tournaments and b) be exchanged for cash.
4 years ago
 - Edited 4 years ago
Merge is also the only ones i play at and i also am scared to deposit any worthy amount of money in fears it too will get seized or stolen by my own government. i do have a small list of other rooms i can play at if needed, and have begun to look into casinos, but so far not much luck with anything holdem related that isn't against the house. I do like a bit of slots to pass the time playing poker sometimes, and there are plenty of nice slot tournys about.

Nothing beats the competitive thrill many of us get out of poker though. One of the few games that to survive for any lengths do require skill, a tad of patience, and a drive to win. If i said everything i loved about poker, people would think im bonkers though lol. I just hope that we can continue to play a GAME we all love and enjoy for many more years

4 years ago
There are a few sites that accept US players. When/if I get some extra money I want to deposit on Bovada and America's cardroom.
4 years ago
PoTaHolic (#6) wrote: IMO everleaf is holding on to USA $$, for seeing a break threw in the USA's regulating poker online.

This hopeful thinking...but I got a good feeling on this one
the government should just let us play
4 years ago
Yeah that was a kind of rambling post to begin with. More than Merge available in the US. Never heard of man y problems with Bovada either.
4 years ago
iceman1967 (#16) wrote: Merge doesnt pay so dont play there. Only place i have got a check and it was good is intertops and it took 5 days trust me on this.
they do pay out just have to wait a month or so to see it
bovada well used to be bodog has fast payouts !
4 years ago
Bodog and Cake are the only ones Im hearing people using other than merge. Hopefully stars comes back soon for you guys.
4 years ago
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