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I think when playing poker that you should concentrate on what you're doing and don't waste time talking, that can distract you and I believe that that is some people's intention.
6 years ago
I love the mute buttion.
they start talking trash just mute them
6 years ago
watermelons (#1) wrote: Ignore everyone who needs to un plug their keyboards...ive started using the block button
the trash talk is lame i dont even hear it
6 years ago
As long as they dont start talking about my family its fine by me.
6 years ago
Online trash talk is virtual extreme. There is much bigger problem, when it comes to live games.
6 years ago
Damn i need to figure out how to get my chat back up on screen seems i have been missing alot ot smack talk......dang going there now to figure
6 years ago
I think you need to realize that it has its place and when used it actually helps players.
6 years ago
Yeah, if you don;t like the chat then block it. Everybody has to vent sometimes and people should remember that too instead of rubbing it in, etc. It only makes it worse.
6 years ago
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