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Did anyone stay up all night for that Valentines day heads up shoot out in carbon poker. If so did you get itm ? I played or more like waited from 3 pm to 11 pm for rds to finish at 11 pm i shut it down went to bed. Woke up at 5am it was still running i finished at 100 lol
6 years ago
It's not worth it to play at all with so many people, totally forgot it too lol.
6 years ago
You prolly didn't miss anything lol It was crazy a lot people sitting out trading blinds took forever for rds to finish.
6 years ago
Lol i was reg in it also but took wife out when i got up and saw there was still players in was happy i didnt play
6 years ago
I played the first round and won it. After that I waited for more than an hour, but nothing happened. So I closed it. I was thinking that something went wrong with this tourney.
6 years ago
I played it till like 11pm and then just gave up on it. When you have to wait 3 hours because of the sit-outs in the tournament, meaning waiting for the blinds to get high enough to ko sit-outs in a heads-up tournament. It was nothing but a big joke.
6 years ago
I enrolled myself in this tournament but when I saw the large number of players and the prize, I gave up and I have not played

6 years ago
Was there too...

I played the first 2 rounds of that tournament; in Europe was like 5 a.m. at the end of the second round, or maybe didn't play for real, since I had sitouts as oppenents. But... I was asleep for a few minutes at the start of the 3rd round and when I wake up, I was done, my "luck" didn't bring me another sitout, but a live player.

Remarks: very poor management of the tournament, the sit outs issue.
The timing: this sort of tournament would have been better placed at the end of the week.

The surprise: I was expecting that the Carbon's Poker support forum would be any help; in fact, that forum is hijacked by some moderator (Evil666, and I can add, "mean and rude", my blog explains it) and his yesmen, that sorted out the problem: it was because of the romanian poker players (pretty common idea, right? and very handy). So my first post there was welcomed with an instant ban. Poker room's support directed me to the same forum. Way to go Carbon Poker!

Conclusion: HU tournaments - no, thank you!

PS: is it still playing

PS2: Carbon Poker claimed that they'll add extra money to the prize pool and extra accolades. Anyone knows something or received anything?

6 years ago
 - Edited 6 years ago
Im so glad i didnt play in that stupid tournament, what a fking joke lmao
6 years ago
I played stupid eotom tournament and flew on 38 place. I've played more tournaments and rear that. could withdraw from the tournament have not participated, and got so bad

6 years ago
And still I congratulate you on Valentine's Day past. happiness, good luck at the tables
6 years ago
I played, waited for round 2...had to leave work, and by the time I got home, I was unlucky enough to draw a live player who had blinded me out...wasnt happy about the 3 hour wait.
6 years ago
I played first round...and win it ....than i went to sleep

6 years ago
Wasn't even worth the hassle dealing with it.
6 years ago
Poker networks need to apply a system where players who are inactive during 1st blind level are eliminated from the tournament.
6 years ago
Yep forgot about it for sure
6 years ago
Stayed with it for like 10hours finished 45th or something
fell asleep very bad way to run a HU game Squatters should be eliminated at a certian point.
6 years ago
That joke turney was the biggest wasting of time in my life ever
1st of all i waited more than hour jus for turney start, then i won my game and became 3k, but here n Bulgaria was 3-4 am i thought its finally started when the waiting started again, and then i jus said "F OFF" and closed the room and got sum sleep
the shit was that there was again a ton of id1ots who registered and SITOUT, and if its HU game, the madness happend, so thats why all stpd networks need to update like Microgaming - after 1st level all sitouts get the fk out!!! This is the best decision ever made by a network, i really wonder why the rest still sleeping
Also they made mistake with regstart time, they should open registration 1 hr before, then all those freeroll huntung sitout id1ots wouldnt be registered and wastin all our time
....sumtimes i really wonder what kind of "managers" work at those rooms
They made more stpd decisions than donks @ the tables

6 years ago
Entraction does things like Microgamming too, as BullDawg said above: inactive players are flushed out, regardless of the blind level. Good thing for a tournament player that the field is decimated after the first round (Microgamming), bad thing for those blinds hunters, that are chiping up from sitouts.

6 years ago
There was a mistake in the valentine's day heads up freeroll because i think the reason is there was no ante or it was after very long. ppl were just folding back at each other to stay as long as they could i waited for like an hour for my turn but just kept waiting finally i took a nap when i woke up i saw im eliminated because u hav to play when ur turn comes which could take hrs. It went on for like 10 hrs!! but one good thing was the winners were rewarded for their patience with an additional $50. only top 5 were paid it wud suck to have come 6th in this tourney.
6 years ago
That was the worst tourney I have played so far.
6 years ago
I played it.
but wont again.
there was way to many players in it.
payed out way to many places.
took me 2 hours before i every got a player at my table.
i wont play another shout out.
6 years ago
I came in late and was already tapped out
I was mad but now it sounds like it was a blessing

6 years ago
I stayed up only to finish bubble in 6th never will i play another carbon forum tournament. Lost to an idiot after 18hrs of play who had a straight draw went all in against my set. Although there was very weak competition (those who played anyway.)Its not worthe playing for the money they put up when no 1 is even there, Very boring games there. Takes the thrill out of the game.
6 years ago
I didn't play in this one but in my experience playing those preroll with thougsands of pleope is an experience to test your stamina, not your poker playing hability. At some point you just get so tired of playing that you play stupid and end up giving up a whole lot of chips. So even if you did play, you would have been better off sleeping.
6 years ago
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