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I got home at 630 and was still in 2.5 hours later lol that was a farce
6 years ago
By far that was the worst and most frustrating fr i ever played on carbon or any site, i gave up myself...who won do anybody know?? whoever won deserve
6 years ago
Yes, that was a real cluster****. There are so many standard holdem tournaments, I was excited to get in on a heads-up only. But when I realized what was happening (the sit-outs who were paired together caused an almost eternal logjam between rounds!), I did laundry, went to the grocery store, and assorted other things in between. Probably a good lesson for Merge on sit-out policy.
6 years ago
Game was a joke 3 hrs between rounds went on for 12 hours cause of sit outs !
6 years ago
I was knocked out the first round due to sit out. lolz GL allz.
6 years ago
I was registered. took redicuously a long time

6 years ago
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