Should there ever be a heads up freeroll?
4 years ago
No i think
4 years ago
No, too much folding, and I'm pretty sure this was already posted
4 years ago
And why can't there be a heads up freeroll ? top players still make the money or tickets of some sort . i'll play it , if i had a chance at it .
4 years ago
I think there should be a HU freeroll.

4 years ago
Count me in , if there is , weeeeeeeeeee , lol .

4 years ago
That would certainly be a very long tournament!
pack a lunch
& dinner
& a midnight snack

better order out for breakfast too

4 years ago
I saw a nbc heads up commerical so it was one my mind
4 years ago
Would take ridiculously long to complete.
4 years ago
It would take forever
maybe something like superturbo blind system
4 years ago
Maybe take the top 20 of one weeks tournament or the top 20 at the end of season
4 years ago
64 players are 6 rounds of play
32 for 5 rounds
16 for 4 rounds

the bad thing is, if ya go with 6 rounds of play & you get 2 sitouts v each other, depending on the blind structure and starting chip stacks,
that first round can last hours by itself.....

then, with players waiting in the wings, patience is tried ! some of them end up leaving which could lead to another sitout v sitout,
it wouldn't be real surprising to see a 6 round tourney, take 10 hours to complete the first 5 rounds.

the cereus network of course, boots the sitouts after the first round,
so I'd think that would be the only place to successfully attempt a HU freeroll,
anywhere else, would be futile
4 years ago
No good ideea

4 years ago
The current one is the best
4 years ago
Why not
4 years ago
Yes! it will be nice
....maybe in the future

4 years ago
I like HUs too

4 years ago
The annoying thing about HU tours is that you sometimes have to wait very long for your next match

4 years ago
Maybe the team can choose or have a mini tournament on their own time to decide their team rep
4 years ago
I lke hu!
4 years ago
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