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2 types of tourneys
1. freerolls, in a loose free i shove allin on qq kk aa every time,in a big freeroll 500$ or more iplay a little different,utg call and hope for raise and reraise,or push allin on aa ,this is in early tourney,in late game i raise big or shove allin at final table mtts,depends on bb levels,in a turbo in early game raise 1 bb early position,repop if raised,mid late game(bbs r 150 up) shove it all in on qq kk aa
in a 15 min bb level game,play is tight and usually a trap is the only way to win big in early mid game,i call in all pos except b4 button and button,on those 2 positions i raise 5 bb on aa 4 bb on kk and 3 bb on qq,inlate game after im itm,i shove it in on kk aa,on qq i raise 5bb see the flop no a or k i bet pot,final 5 players im allin on 10s and up
this is somewhat how i play but i do mix it up
6 years ago
I personal love pocket pairs

The best is 44 or 55... when you hit trips its 90% winner

But in all Tournaments i try not to pay too much for smaller ones 10s or less.
The only one is JJ...i hate this hand...90% Fold for me.
I think sometimes late in a MTT is hard to decide how to play AA.
Pushallin or slowplay? No easy sometimes...
GL anyway
6 years ago
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