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Im sure we have all watched WSOP this year and seen how long these kids took to make a decision. Far to long in my opinion. I think Daniel Neg. said it correctly when he stated that if someone takes 2 minutes I call the clock he then has 1 minute to make a decision...noone did it at the final table and it was shameful they didnt. Daniel says he calls the clock after the first tank and will do it against pros amateurs or the likes and usues this to his advantage.Its brutal to have to wait 6 minutes in a live game for someone to fold. start the time clock war...oh by the way thank god for clocks in online games...and the tards that use there clocks up early is very funny!!

6 years ago
Six minutes oh my stars I would go bonkers!

I can see running the time clock closer to the end of the tournament when maybe you're trying to make it to paydirt but lord have mercy running it at the beginning jus drives me nuts.
6 years ago
I disagree about calling the clock too fast in live play. There's a lot more to consider when the payjump at the final table may involve a million or more. What's my stack size if I call and lose? What is it if I call and win? Where do I stand if I just fold?

The hand that comes to mind first is when the table was 3-handed and Balsiger three-barreled with QT on a 2 pair board. If he was going to fold to an all-in, why bet here? His stack took a major hit and if he'd taken the time to think about it, he could've check-folded and saved a huge number of chips.

Let's face it, live there is no easy way to assess stack sizes, etc. Sure, they have the big screens showing estimated chip counts, but they don't show potsize, pending bet, etc...all of the info we online players have right in front of us.

I do agree that some players take it too far, but I don't think anyone at the FT of this year's ME really crossed the line.
6 years ago
I find it hard to play live after being so used to online and having such a set time to decide.. I wish they would speed it up, but if you can use it to your advantage and throw the others off by making them impatient and mad.. If nobody is calling the clock on you, why not take as long as possible to decide.
6 years ago
I hate the people who stall alot of hands making it very long time to make decision, i agree with daniel on this aspect about 2 minutes to call clock.. having to wait 6 minutes for somebody to make a decision i think is too much
6 years ago
I agree that you shouldn't have to wait 6 minutes for someone to make a decision, but is 2 minutes really all that unreasonable considering the amount of money at stake. In a society where everything is fast paced, would you make a hastey decision with millions on the line? No one at the FT seemed bothered by the time, so I don't think we should be either.

6 years ago
IM am finding this even on play chips.They are running the clock down on every hand why.THE guy beside them runs clock down folds then they do it why.I getting very annoyed at this kind of play.ITS ONLY PLAY CHIPS.they give them out free dam .2 weeks ago i was on the final table of poker .org league game .the people where playing poker and enjoying it it was one best i ever played it fun
.WE need more of this kind of poker VILLIANS 187 NINER
6 years ago
Yeah waiting for a player is not something i like to do but iv been known to do it myself i guess the longer it takes a player to act the more likely they will fold unless there slow playing a big hand and sometimes that can backfire
6 years ago
I don't know if I like the idea of calling clock on somebody on the final table of WSOP but at the same time, the guys on this year's MainEvent final table were just taking too long... too often. It became boring. (for a rookie player this would make for lousy entertainment... & I hate to think they'd bring back TV coverage to only being BIG cooler hands, allin, flips, and badbeats. < also extremely boring.
If they would move along a bit faster then I don't think it'd be a big deal if suddenly they felt the need to take 5mins. on a crucial decision.PS - I don't think they're adding up the chips in the pot (pretty sure they're used to keeping track of that)
6 years ago
Yes, it was truly ridiculous the amount of time some of the decision took to make... I understand the whole idea of "taking the same amount of time to act on every decision so your opponents can't get a read," but these clowns were COMICAL! And don't get it twisted, I understand that it's the freaking Main Event and they are playing for millions but........ Plus I think if you were to make some snap decisions to switch things up a bit, that might also "mind phuck" your opponents, which would be a good thing.
6 years ago
They all had coaches and I`m sure they told them to go slow take your time and try and make good decisions but I think they took way to long and made for a boring final 3 if you ask me!
6 years ago
I have not watched this tournament, but I think that live game needed more time because emotions are much higher in live game a player thinks only of himself and the book, to ignore the rest of the table , looks and opponent and try to read facial expressions, six minutes is enough for any player
6 years ago
I dont use clock when playing online but i do live something we need to know is the clock is your best friend when you know how and when to use it
6 years ago
Yes , alot of players take way too much time to make decision !! especially when sometimes it's easy decision like easy fold or easy call lol !! some just want to stay more time on Tv maybe lol , but i think and i agree something should be done to stop this

6 years ago
If the time limit is two minutes or twenty minutes, it is the same for everyone, unless players don't use it, so it is obviously a disadvantage not to use it. This leaves the question as to how long is the proper amount to be allotted considering all factors such as a player's needs, a player's ability to abuse it, and revenue generated by viewers/fan's who are watching a live feed. The latter being the operative factor because without the fan's there would not be million dollar decision's to be made and so even two minutes is too much to watch, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become automatically enforced in the future if television/ESPN pushes the issue.
6 years ago
I read Negreanu's tweets all the time, and he was talking about this a couple weeks ago...I would go crazy if this was happening consistently.
It would be interesting to implement an official timer, so that everybody will need to make a decision in, say, 3 minutes or something
6 years ago
Yeah it does sounds stupid when early position that using the time clock, but live and online is different.
Haha but that's the different from a live and online

6 years ago
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