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Hello dear members of community

I consider myself as a Sit n Go player but find the Multitable tournaments very exciting as well

I was wondering what do you prefer MTTs or SnGs and why?

personally I prefer SnGs because Ive practiced them a lot more and they finish sooner, sometimes even though the reward is awesome on the MTTs, the way is long and slow.
So I think is better to count victories more often.

what's your point of view?
7 years ago
I play mostly sit n go's or cap mtts. I love both mtts and sit n go's but I feel that I am a better sit n go player, that and you know that a 180 man is going to last x amount of hours.

For the mtt's tho, its a greater feeling when u beat thousands of people. So that must be why I can't help but throw a few of those in my schedule. I have an ego

7 years ago
Sngs simply bcuz of less variance. Gets a little irritating after spending so many hours of your life in a MTT, getting it all in as the overwhelming favourite, and then busting out. But when you do win a MTT, it's a super high.
7 years ago
I do not like to play SnG, very to be pleasant to play MTT - bOyA say - But when you do win a MTT, it's a super high. =)

7 years ago
I like to play both. I prefer MTT's because there's more money in there of course, but I like sng's also. I find it harder though to make a big profit grinding sit n go's, because no matter how good you are the law of averages kicks in and you take a few beats. Then the next thing you know your right back at square 1 after hours of grinding. Either way though it's all about the bankroll management.
7 years ago
Sng , because they don't last that long and you can play a large number of sng's . mtt last too much for me and i got bored ... but they worth it .. mtt's ... you win one .. and get back all you're loses from the other unsuccessfull mtt's ;x
7 years ago
I love MTTs but i dont always have the patience to sit threw hours and hours so i do try and enter tournies that dont have a thousand people registered. Up to 500 is good enough for me lol I have got hooked on sngs many times i find them a quick bankroll booster but i can turn around and lose it all just as quick so I tend to play alot for weeks then i back away from them for awhile . I must say that my favorite type of tourney lately is the type that u can win prizes. I find with cash games unless it s a huge amount of money won it just reamains on the site and doesnt really feel like money. But when u win a prize such as some they have on 888 poker, ie hoodies, hats, t-shirts etc i feel like i have something to show for all my hours spent playing!

7 years ago
SNG with confedence because it's more interesting,more interactive and hads up are crazyyyyyy in this game, easy can learn the players easy can play more that 10 games/3h and 4 most of the players can't play poker because don't have the time necesary and here come SNG a fast game and very very beutiful
7 years ago
MTT for sure the one I played tonight was perfect 20 dollar freezout and only had 14 players took about an hr and 12 minutes and won a tidy 140 for my hours of work well 120 net. SNGS are ok if you are in a real long mtt give s you something to do between hands you play on mtt and are not taking additional notes and such.
7 years ago
I prefer SNGS than MTT because ant the SNGS its cool when you play hands up ! There are a little part of players at the SNGS and you can catch a big prize of cash only for an hour when you play SNGS ! The best SNGS is from six players ! I love it its a big funn !

7 years ago
I prefer Full Ring terbo Sit-n_Go tournaments, because it is fast, dinamic. Multi table tournaments I'm playing too, but there I can play 2-3 hours and some donk with J5 or etc. will get two pairs and I'm out, hate that sht

7 years ago
Well i like and play sng becouse of time and i can aford more play there for my money and time
7 years ago
I like very much sit and go's...i play low limit because i dont have much money,but i will love some high rollers sit and go. MTT is good,but you need a lot of patience

7 years ago
Personally I prefer playing MTTs instead of SnGs. It's just a matter of the feeling I get when I play them.. a SnG is way too repetitive.. 10 guys, 5 of them grinders, sitting at the same table, playing by the same rules. MTTs are much more complex, you encounter way higher blind levels than SnGs, you run into people you don't know, you get that WSOP feeling.. I dunno, just my 2c

7 years ago
I prefer Sngs now. Year ago I prefered MTTs but I eventually swithed to SNGs. Why? MTTs are too big disapointment! Everything exept first place is big disapointment. You invest 4, 5,6 hours in playing them and when you finish in 13th, 8th...even in 2nd place it is disapointment. Ok, feeling is very good when you win but that happens too rare

7 years ago
Yup. Today it took me 5 hrs to get to a final table with 548 players. I watched the 11th and 12th guy both bust with pocket aces all in preflop. Anyway, I made it to FT, short stack shoves with A7 vs my AK and lands a 7. I was crippled but recovered only to go out with A8 vs KJ -- he rivered a straight. Would have been #2 if I won the race. So close. I finished 6th after close to 6 hrs. One bad beat is all it takes to finish you.
With SNGS, I agree it's repititive. If you're card dead, you die pretty quick. It does get irritating after not finishing ITM for 3 or 4 straight but I'd rather finish sooner rather than WAY later as is the case for MTT.
7 years ago
I am playing MTTs but often thinking SNGs would be a better way to be successful and also would create more free time, as MTTs are usually time consuming.
But with so many sites, so many promotions and so many great MTTs it seems hard for me to resign of playing them.
Although lately it feels pretty bad when I really get into good reward tournies and then mess them up anyway by wrong play or unluck.

Also for MTTs one needs quite some time for planning them, unless one plays some standard everyday regular MTTs.
7 years ago
I play more SNGs, is safer and faster
7 years ago
I like Mtts. Not a big fan of SnGs but I do like to play the double ups on the merge network.
7 years ago
SNG and MTT good but works best SNGSNG goood

7 years ago
I prefer MTT just for the simple fact that it is small risk big reward. Sure you arent gonna be ITM as much as you would be in a SNG, but in a MTT you can turn $10 into a couple thousand in one night
7 years ago
I like both, but at the moment i play more SNGs with180 player max.

7 years ago
I think sngs are better
7 years ago
If u have good patience, hit an MTT...If no, stick to Sngs....
Also i feel Mtts are more exciting and more rewarding than Sngs...Good thing about u being a Sng player and starting to play Mtts is u can make it into prizepool easily if u are good Sng player.
7 years ago
I am a Sng player and an MTT player too.
I love Sngs more than Mtts, especially because i dont get time to sit for long hours.Also i think that one has to play tigher in Sngs than in Mtts.
7 years ago
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