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Massachusetts Poker
When it comes to live poker options, the state of Massachusetts is not the best place to visit. The state does not offer any type of poker rooms or brick and mortar casinos but this may soon change. Back in 2011 the state passed a law which would allow for four casinos to be added to the state. Three would operate as full service casinos and one would act as a slots-only option.

However, despite the enactment of this bill, so far, no licenses have been granted for casinos in the state. The state did appoint a new group called the Massachusetts Gaming Commission but the commission has yet to create any regulations for the gaming options such as how many would be available as well as the types of games to be added to the new casinos.

Online Poker in Massachusetts
Poker players will also find that Massachusetts is not the state to choose for online gaming options. The state does not have any laws on the books that deal with the aspect of internet poker. Despite the lack of brick and mortar options and no current online poker laws on the books, the state is looking to begin the legalization and regulation process for this option.

Back in 2011, Dan Winslow, a representative of the state, tried to have a law amended to allow online gaming but did not succeed. In 2012, another state senator, Bruce Tarr, created a bill which would allow for online gaming licenses by the commission to those who are deemed suitable. This is as far as the legislation has gotten thus far, but is further than most in the US., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018