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Among a sea of multi-site based online poker networks, there reside a few independent networks that have managed to not just stay afloat, but rise far beyond the traffic base and player retention of your average poker room.

An independent poker network is one that consists of a single poker room, as opposed to a multi-site network where there could be dozens of poker rooms sharing a conglomerated player base. For an independent poker network to attract and sustain so many players is rather impressive.

PokerStars is a good example of an independent poker network. Its success has resounded throughout the industry for quite a few years now. PokerStars is known far and wide for its incredible range of poker games and extensive table stakes, not to mention a massive poker tournament that guarantees $1.5 million every Sunday.

The PokerStars Network is built upon what many online poker players acquiesce to be the best software platform, further protracted by regular updates and advancements. The poker client is expedient and furnished with clean graphics that don’t congest the table views. PokerStars is also considered to have the most inclusive poker hand history system built in to the software. Having such a distinction, most poker tracking program developers design their software to be fully compatible with PokerStars.

Another noteworthy independent poker network is that of Full Tilt Poker. Much like its rival, PokerStars, the Full Tilt Poker Network built its own player base from the ground floor up by delivering a stellar poker client, massive tournament schedule and munificent promotions. Throw in an exorbitant array of pro poker player endorsements, and you’ve got an extraordinarily successful independent poker network.

Independent poker networks can provide players with whatever they like, taking player feedback and putting it to good use. Such networks will create their own software, gaming options and basically every aspect of the site to avoid being ‘cookie-cutter’ poker rooms that operate on the same network as several other online sites.

Game play at Independent poker networks is just as enjoyable as multi-site based networks. Players will find the same great gaming options as Texas Hold’em and Omaha in several different formats. Independent networks also have the freedom to add new poker variants or additional variations to provide an even larger game selection., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018