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Nevada Poker
Joining Delaware and New Jersey in the online gaming market, Nevada is the only state in the US to offer strictly online poker. The state does not offer casino game play like other regulated states. As of early 2014, there are only 3 websites that offer online poker; Ultimate Poker, and Real Gaming.

These sites are regulated and offer poker game play in cash and tournament form, but only to those who are physically located in the state. The IP address of the player is used with cell phone triangulation to determine the physical location of a player. The signal is used over several towers to prove the player is in the state borders before game play can begin. Players must also be 21 to take part.

Nevada is also working with Delaware on the Multi-State Internet Wager Agreement so that they can pool players to form more liquidity. The agreement is open to other states so any new state that enters into the online gambling market can join. However, the rules of the state must be recognized by the player who is taking part from another state.

Live Poker in Nevada
The great state of Nevada is of course, known for gambling, so it is no surprise that they offer the game of poker. The state of Nevada is the cornerstone of all things gambling and has some of the best gambling options in the United States. Poker is available in many forms in the state as part of the Regulation 23 legislation which is based on rulings by the State Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission. The state offers many poker rooms, poker variants and tournament options for players to enjoy.

Nevada also allows home games to take place. This option is open to anyone who plays cards in a private home or residence but does not make money for hosting the game. All things considered, when it comes to poker in general, no state compares to Nevada., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018