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Pennsylvania Poker
While other states in the US have offered live poker for decades, the state of Pennsylvania is relatively new to the game. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board regulates the casinos that are available in the state and players can easily find a poker game to enjoy. The state may offer gambling options but the term gambling has no definition under state law.

According to state legislation, players do not have to necessarily worry about breaking laws that are connected to gambling. The state mainly targets operators when it comes to crimes involving gambling. This does not mean the law is open to gambling options when it comes to poker home games or other methods of gambling but is rather, unclear.

Online Poker in Pennsylvania
When it comes to internet poker options, the state is currently working on legislation. Legislators in the state have been working to create new pieces of legislation that would hopefully legalize and regulate the option in the state. Both the House and Senate of the state have legislation in the works. However there is also legislation being created in the House which would place internet gambling as a banned option.

Despite these legislations in the works, laws are not clear on online gambling with the game of poker. because most of the laws are specifically written with operators in mind and the definition of gambling is not clear, players could arguably play online without repercussion. However, it is unclear if players could actually do so without the risk of charges via the state government., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018