Polls are a way of measuring how members feel about different issues. All members can create polls and add any number of customized answer options. The list below shows the latest polls by date and how members have voted on different topics.
Playing live poker,which of things listed below would disturb you most?
Very loud music playing in the back ground
Constant chatter at the tables
A player curing and swearing every time they lose a hand
Lack of a good waiter/waitress service when playing in a lengthy tourney
Slow play, constantly at your table
Other please state
A mixture of all the above
Nothing bothers at all
15 hours ago
You are patient,focused,concentrate, and aware of other players as they play at your table?
Every time you play poker whether a freeroll play chip etc etc
Only when money in involved
Only when big money is at stake
Sometimes you just play for fun
15 hours ago
Whats the highest poker tourney buy-in you've played this year without using coupon or satellite?
0 I'm a bonafide freerolling whore
1-5 I play on the cheap
Higher than 100
2 days ago
What hand for you is your favorite to push allin preflop?
1) jj
2) ak
3) 22
4) 1010
5) qq
6) OTHER (let us know)
3 days ago
Where would you rather play poker?
On a cruise ship
In a casino
4 days ago
You just won a $215 ticket in yesterday's game, do you?
Use it right away
Wait a week
wait until the OPS starts
Keep it until the 89th day then use it
5 days ago
What devise do u often use for playing online poker?
1) desktop computer
2) laptop computer
4) smart phone
5) tablet
6) other
1 week ago
Do you play online poker in other forum team events besides this league?
1) yes one other team
2) two other team leagues
3) more then three team leagues
4) no only the Poker Org League
1 week ago
When helping to pick a member to join your team...what do you look for in that player?
1) stats
2) availability
3) friends with you or other members on the team
4) experience
5) personality
6) how active they are in the community
7) all of the above
8) a few of the above
9) don't care just want to play
1 week ago
BCP/ACR will by hosting a Winning Millions Poker Tournament in Dec. Do you plan on playing?
1) yes I will be buying in for $540
2) only if I can win my seat
3) no I don't play on those poker rooms
4) I have already qualified
5) other
2 weeks ago
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