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Polls are a way of measuring how members feel about different issues. All members can create polls and add any number of customized answer options. The list below shows the latest polls by date and how members have voted on different topics.
How many like the 2 games on the weekend?
1) Yes
2) No
2 days ago
Favorite game?
Hold em
1 week ago
You've flopped quads in a cash game, you put your opponent on an overpair. What do?
Check/call it down to the river, don't want to get outdrawn by backdoor quads
Open fold & show, you'll get incredibly respect and your table image will be monstrous
2 weeks ago
When you have been running bad for a long period of time what do you do?
A. Take an extended vacation from the game
B. Keep Grinding and hope it turns around
C. Tilt and spew your BR
D. You never run bad
2 weeks ago
What poker site is better in your opinion?
3 weeks ago
Next Winter Series - Okay I'll ask One game a week or two?
One game
Two games
Either is fine
4 weeks ago
Nasıl oynamam gerek?
Making a deep run in tournaments is more about patience and post flop poker than it is winning all ins. Sure winning all in pots are important, but you put your tournament life at stake but if you have aces four times when you're all in, you're bound to bust out. Sometimes winning the crucial pots are the ones you risk very little chips but win many pots... thus I introduce the slow play trap with value bet
The key to the slow play trap is to have a strong starting hand that is semi connected. King queen or ace ten through ace queen is ideal. I like to flat call in late position (position is key here) or just check or call in the blinds. When you hit top pair I like just flat calling or even checking to see the next card. The turn card is usually where I like to make my raise or a big bet. Hopefully we get a call where it looks like maybe I have a middle pair or bluffing. THen the river card I like to value bet 1/4 of the pot
Hopefully these situations can happen often enough where you amass lots of chips for little risk
4 weeks ago
Do you respond to negative post's directed at you or do you ignore them?
Ignore them
Depends on post
1 month ago
Series Set Up - Do you prefer the one game on the Sunday or two games each weekend?
Saturday and Sunday Games
Just the Sunday game
Does not matter
1 month ago
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