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What has helped your poker game the most?
Reading poker books
Watching poker on television
Watching poker videos
Joining a poker forum
Just talking poker with other players
Playing as much poker as possible
Using a training site / coach
21 hours ago
Where have you played live Poker?
1) Home Games (friends/family/co-workers etc)
2) Casino
3) Bar/Night Club/Restaurant
4) Charity Event
5) More then 1 of the above
6) All of the above
7) Other
8) I have never played live Poker
3 days ago
What disappoints you the most in a poker game?
Making a bad call
Not making a call
Not making the final table
Not making the Money
Not winning the Tournament
Having a large lead during the final table and losing
4 days ago
A player goes all in pre flop,you look down at ace 2 what goes through your mind?
Nothing its an insta call ive got an ace
Im thinking ace 2 is an insta fold
The players been pushing all in every hand,ive been waiting for this great calling hand
No thinking insta fold
Some thing else
4 days ago
If Pokerstars came to NJ with an international player pool, would you consider moving there?
Hell No
I might give it about 30 seconds of serious thought, but no
I would consider it but probably not
My bags are already packed
I already live in NJ
Where's NJ
4 days ago
What have you Won (other then money/points/entries etc) from playing Poker?
1) Electronics
2) Gear (clothing ie t-shirts hats, hoodies)
3) Books
4) Playing cards
5) Trip
6) Other (tell us what it was)
6 days ago
Which do you do more often?
Make a bad call
Make a bad fold
Neither - I always make the right play
1 week ago
Playing poker some lucky player hits every thing,when he loses he moans about being unlucky?
You think to your self is the clown for real
You think is this player reliant on 100 percent luck
You just get on with the next hand
Your hoping he pushes is luck when your holding the nuts
This kinda player gets on your nerves at times
Some of the above
None of the above
Something else
1 week ago
What is your favorite USA facing skin/site? If possible please comment why?
Carbon Poker
America's Card Room (ACR)
Full Flush
Lock Poker
Black Chip Poker
None of the Above
2 weeks ago
Who should be allowed to operate online poker in California?
Indian tribes
Current cardrooms
Race tracks
All of the above
2 weeks ago
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