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Do you think there should be a sliding scale as regards quality of poker quizzes?
All quizzes instant 10 points
Delays in awarding points no replies 0 points
1 point for each attempt at the quiz over a week maximum 10 points
Minus 10 points for a quiz which as been previously asked within 7 days
Minus 20 points for a quiz which as been asked numerous times over the year
Minus 1 point for every negative comment
1 point extra for every wrong answer for a good non trivia quiz up to an extra 10 points
A mixture of the above for a good non trivia quiz
A mixture of above for a repeated trivia quiz
A warning for persistent repeated offenders
Ive got more important things to do with my time
13 hours ago
Is enough being done to curb repeated quizzes with little or no effort involved in setting up?
I don't care as long as I get 10 points for my repeated quiz
I don't care ive no interest in the quiz section
13 hours ago
After winning a lot, when will you leave a cash table?
After up 1 buy-in
2 buy-ins
3 buy-ins
4 buy-ins
5 buy-ins+
I don't leave until the fish are gone or I am too tired to play
I usually don't win a lot :(
2 days ago
When you started playing poker, did you know that a flush was bigger than a straight?
Yes, I already knew that
I wasn't sure
I did not know that
I still don't know that
What's a poker
3 days ago
When you use the four-colored deck option online, does the diamond(Blue/Purple) hurt your eyes?
I don't use four-colored deck
I see a different color
4 days ago
Do any of your poker.org friends become friends in real life?
Yes, plenty
Yes, one or a few
I'm just here for the freerolls
Facebook/Online friends only ;)
No, poker is too serious to make friends
No, poker.org players are my enemies
6 days ago
An hour to kill. What do you do?
Ring game
Read a book
6 days ago
What is the fastest way to reach Ace of Spades?
1. Post blogs
2. Post in poker forum
3. Win series tournaments
4. Post hands
5. Post quizzes
6. Post strategy
1 week ago
Do you hate flopping the nuts sometimes because you don't get paid off? Read first answer?
An example might be if you had AA and flopped quads or if you flopped a set on a suited flop
I hate it when my hand is too nutty
I hate it sometimes but it's still better than being card dead
I'm indifferent because I try to pay attention to my opponent instead
I like flopping a strong hand because at least I won't lose often
I like flopping the nuts because then I can take a screenshot and post it on poker.org
What the heck is a "nut?"
1 week ago
How do you maintain your concentration in a poker game with a large number of players?
No distractions like the television , telephone or other internet sites
Getting a good night's sleep and feeling well rested
Focus on the players at your table and making notes on them
Turning off your player's chat
Talking to yourself and scrutinizing your own plays
Taking a break now and then
1 week ago
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