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How far is your nearest casino,were you can play live poker tourneys?
10 minute drive
40 minute drive
1 hour drive
2 hour drive
4 hour drive
6 hour drive
Way to far to even be bothered to drive there
wish I lived in Vegas
What is a casino
6 hours ago
Hunting for good live MTT's is fun because?
I would rather go to different places for entertainment
Have a favorite and go there only
Like select series and go there every year it comes around
I hate live MTT's
16 hours ago
Now that I have a decent BR for 'poker only' and have learned how to break down winning?
I go to the casino without it because my friends will rack up a bar tab
Go to the casino by myself business is business only
Make exceptions from time to time
Keep money aside as a separate part of the trip
16 hours ago
Going to the casino I usually hit the hot tub before a tourney and grab a bite to eat. Do you?
Go str8 to the bar
Show up when the tourney starts
Play cash games well before the tourney starts
Register and people watch until tourney starts
prefer not to play in live MTT's
Play games with the valet drivers and watch them pull/park your car several times to pass time
16 hours ago
When my wife and I go to the casino we paly separate games. Does anybody else?
Go with another couple
Go with groups of couples
Leave the damn spouse at home
Schedule time to be together
Pretend you don't want to play poker for 7-10 hours
Get tickets for show together
All of the above
None of the above
16 hours ago
When going to the casino for a little R&R do you?
Stay at the casino
Get a decent room with a restaurant/bar at a local hotel
Get the cheapest room around because your entire trip is at the casino
None of the above
16 hours ago
How many lady's will finish in the top ten this series?
1 one
2 two
3 three
4 four
5 or more
18 hours ago
Who do you like to KO the most? League or any game?
Non league, any of my teammates, just like they would go after me
League, any of my teammates, if I have the nutz
Any strong player, especially post flop
I target a few from other strong teams so our team will overall score better
Really doesn't matter, I play hands accordingly and will play a KO hand against all
I target Guru :)
20 hours ago
What do you like most about poker?
Getting to know other players/building relationships
Analyzing (hand history, opponents, etc)
Gives me something to do/hobby
Nothing, it's frustrating - i'll answer your other poll about what i hate most about poker
Other/answer in comment
20 hours ago
What do you hate most about poker?
Player attitude
Having to grind despite thinking you're better
Other/answer in comment
20 hours ago
When will poker become legal AND highly promoted again in the US?
2 days ago
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