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About Holdem Manager
Holdem Manager 2 (HM2) poker software increases win-rates while offering players the advantage needed to move up in limits. With its wide support for multiple networks, HM2 is the leader in poker tracking and analysis software.

Building on HM1's foundation, HM2 takes its predecessor's features and nearly doubles its set of features. It comes with a rich graphical user interface which increases effectiveness and reduces the learning curve.

HM2 provides real-time data allowing quick decisions at the tables and helps you capitalize by using over 1,000 metrics enhancing your game.
So crucial. My results skyrocketed once i started using this a few years ago, now I feel naked without it. If you're not using it you are giving up an edge to everyone else who is.
3 years ago - 2015-04-25
This is probably the most popular poker software on the market. I am not a huge fan of feature segmentation (they separate Hold'em and Omaha into two packages), but I bought the combined package since I play PLO and NLHE.

Overall, it's probably not only the most popular tool, but also the most feature-rich. The interface is really nice, but perhaps a bit overwhelming at first. I strongly recommend that you go down in stakes a bit while testing the software.
4 years ago - 2014-03-09
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