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About PokerTracker
Poker Tracker is a top-rated software program that allows players to acquire data from game play. From analysis to tracking and heads-up display options, players will be able to easily improve their game. The company offers several products including PokerTracker3, PokerTracker4 and TableTracker.

With PokerTracker4 is the latest addition of game play software and supports several variants including No-Limit, Limit and Pot Limit gaming. Cash Ring Games, Multi-table tournaments and Sit N’Go’s are available for tracking with Omaha and Texas Hold’em gaming.

As an add-on service, TableTracker allows you to find profitable tables and opponents so that you can build a solid bankroll. Search poker sites or networks to find the best players and tables where you can use your skills based on the score you have earned from TableTracker.

With the available software, you will be able to make better decisions during game play. The software gathers the information from hand histories and then displays the information so you can easily read and learn from decisions made. Import hand histories, review the hands and ten view a head-up display from previous game play.
I use it every time I play, and I've come to rely on it. It's a must for gaining strategic insight and fixing your own leaks. There is a lot of depth to it, as well. It's not just about tracking hands or the HUD, but the in-depth stats and graphs that you can dig into, even down to the position, is great for anyone ready to really drill down into their game.
2 years ago - 2016-08-02
Poker Tracker 4 is a great HUD. I haven't used a better HUD than this. If you are complementing buying a HUD then this is definitely the software you want. They offer a money back guarantee for the first seven days and they are the industry leader. They only other HUD that comes close is Holdem Manager and Jivaro. I wish Jivaro was compatible to Winning Poker Network skins. The support is second to none as well which is important when you run into bugs or issues.
2 years ago - 2016-01-22
 - Edited 2 years ago
I used the original PokerTracker back in the day until Holdem Manager came out which I loved and used for years until recently when Holdem Manager 2 came out which I didnt really care for. I tried the PokerTracker4 and I absolutely loved it and purchased it immediately. I use it every time I play, and there is nothing you can think of that it can't do. Amazing product well worth the cost for serious online players.
2 years ago - 2015-12-24
Very good program with wonderful features, the best will improve your game.Customer service is top shelf and i find the hand review feature extremely useful.The statisics provide a necessary learning curve and the program can be customized to fit your needs.Thumbs-up.
3 years ago - 2015-10-01
Dont think they can help you if you cant play poker/ if you can play poker you dont need it/ if you cant, its just unuseful for you. thanks to all who play without additional softs, just cards, table and knowledge/ thats the basic of fair play not only in poker/ sorry for mistake - online poker! online you can do whatever you want and being whoever you want/ good luck in using it, but remember that sometimes you must using something else
3 years ago - 2015-07-18
 - Edited 3 years ago
I don't think it is worth it 2 buy software like that since I only play poker online like 4 times a week. I think if i did get it i'd prolly have 2 read a book about what all the stats mean....and i don't have time 2 do that at this point in my life
4 years ago - 2014-11-15
Very enjoyable and helpful i got mine about a week ago and it has diffinitely paid me back so much benificitial information and data u can note, i love how you its so adaptable and u can customize everything and change its dynamics and colors pretty freakin cool program
4 years ago - 2014-09-09
The best out there. I've tried holdem manager and it's a distant second to pokertracker. Only complaint is it occasionally will close out of nowhere. The hand reviewing and the mountain of stats covered can answer any potentially questions you might ever have.
4 years ago - 2014-07-23
Very good program Its very clean and organized. Very easy to use. You can make custom auto notes, and add text if you cant remember where you put all your stats, Mark hands for review easy to move stat box's for organizing it the way you want to. Customer service is very helpful, and can normally figure out the problem your having within a day, and get it back working for you. They are constantly releasing new versions and improving the software. Great program
4 years ago - 2014-06-13
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