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2 months ago - 2014-02-28
Dam i wish i lived in nevada, hope something like this comes to florida, but its very nice to see online poker coming back to the united states. but i think we have a long way to go, hope fully not. yeah i agree with pokerbandit, i remember the good ole days too and now its just so dam rigged it feel like, but looking forward to ANY NEW OPTIONS.
11 months ago - 2013-05-23
Hopefully it will be better things to come. is this the same ultimate poker that was around before black friday??? that is another disscusion i assume. nevada residents enjoy.
11 months ago - 2013-05-21
I love ultimate poker y y yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyy y e eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !
11 months ago - 2013-05-21
I am not sure habout software glitches but it dont sound very good but i would like to try the site out because our gov.. is so greedy that we cant play on a whole lot of different sites they are almost all branched on eachother but any way i will try them out as soon as i can thanks for your reviews to all
11 months ago - 2013-05-13
It is certainly possible that UP will grow into something good. It has a long, long way to go.
Good Points: (A) Regulated by NV Gaming Commission, with decades of experience and dedication to keeping all forms of gambling in Nevada fair and honest. (B) Money held and available at Station Casinos cashiers. I would trust them with my grandkids' college fund. (C) NO third party data bases allowed.
Bad points: Funny glitches in software that seem to indicate that this site was not put together by people who actually play poker. No waiting lists for tables, you have to hover and pounce on an empty seat when it becomes vacant. No Limit games capped at 50x big blind. In other words $300 max in a 3-6 NL game (currently the biggest game available.) No ability to change seats. If you leave the game you cannot come back for a certain waiting period, even if you try to bring the same stack to the table. No hand histories or ability to see losing cards in a showdown (even in a "turn to act" format) except in an all-in situation. For all ins hands are shown immediately, tournament style. No note taking ability. The hand number is erased from the chat log immediately when the next hand is dealt, so if you have a question or want to bring something to the attention of management you had better have written down the hand number during the hand. A stats tab for your own play which ridiculously keeps track of how many flops you have seen instead of how many hands you have played. Avatars (you must use one of theirs) that look like they were drawn by an eighth grader.
Fatal points: Simply no customer service at all. If you contact them, as they insist you do with almost any problem, and there are lots of them, they send you an acknowledging email, and then NEVER get back to you. I am talking a week or ten days without an answer. They have competitors coming on line soon and they had better get this act together, or they will soon be out of business.
11 months ago - 2013-05-11
I agree with ImthexCAT about playing in Vegas. They have to also be aware of that. So I wonder if the real money they want to make is in the sale of licensing and trade software to other private entities in other states. Possibly even trying to get into other states themselves. At least they picked a state that will support the use of tax dollars from gaming industries. The most resistance online poker has faced is the UIGEA which is federal so now they have found a state platform. Crafty drawing hand with a good turn card.....No pair on the river to let "The HOUSE" in and poker makes a huge value bet on the river!
1 year ago - 2013-05-03
I tip my cap to two wise and successful businessmen. Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta are principal owners of Station Casinos and principal owners of the UFC, although they are two separate corporate entities.
1 year ago - 2013-05-02
What caught my eye is who the owners are. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the owner. Of all the owners that could have offered online poker. Until they get enough players, instead of offering a ticket to the WSOP, they can offer a tournament winner the chance to put a belt on the winner of one of their UFC fights...

1 year ago - 2013-05-02
Yeah encouraging yet discouraging If Im in Nevada I certainly will not be playing online ....seems like a redundancy to me. Cant imagine there would be many players or games available at first either. Hope it is a step in a postive direction however I am not holding my breath
1 year ago - 2013-05-02
Very exciting to see online poker coming back to the United States. Sad that it's only in Nevada for the time being, but we have to start somewhere, right? I remember the good ole days when we had a variety of choices to play when we wanted to play online and am looking forward to what develops with Ulitmate Poker and it's eventual sucessors.
1 year ago - 2013-05-01
welcome back Ultimate Poker
now we just need fulltilt poker stars and AB back
for all of usa
or mite just move to Nevada

teehee like I can really see myself dong that
1 year ago - 2013-05-01
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