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Online poker players have two options for joining in the games at Unibet Poker; the no-download Unibet flash poker client, or the Unibet Poker download. Both provide reliable access to the online poker games at Unibet Poker, and a stable gaming environment. The Unibet Poker download is compatible with most Windows operating systems, and can be conveniently launched from the user's desktop.

The Unibet Poker download requires only a few moments to set up on a PC. To get started, first click the Unibet Poker download link to save the setup application, Unibet.exe. Select a location in which to save the setup file, such as the desktop, for easy retrieval. Once the Unibet Poker download is complete, double-click Unibet.exe to initiate installation of the Unibet Poker software. After installation of the Unibet Poker download has been successfully completed, the setup file can be safely deleted.

Depending on the security settings of the computer in use, the user may receive a security warning asking the user to confirm that they wish to run the application. Simply click Run to launch the Unibet Poker download installer. First the user will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of Unibet Poker; click Yes to continue with the installation of the Unibet Poker download.


While the Unibet Poker software is being installed to the computer, the user may go ahead and register an account with Unibet, if they haven't already, and create an alias for use at the Unibet online poker tables. The user may also make their first deposit, or view the current Unibet Poker Promotions. Once the Unibet Poker download installation is complete, the user may launch the Unibet Poker online poker room.

With an account registered and an alias created, the user is now ready to try out the games at Unibet Poker. Play money tables are available for those who wish to get some practice games in, and familiarize themselves with the rules and structure of the online poker games at Unibet Poker. For those who already have a good knowledge of the rules and game play of the poker games they wish to play, Unibet Poker provides several convenient deposit options for players to fund their Unibet Poker wallet with.

Because Unibet operates several online gambling gateways - including a sportsbook, casino, bingo and skill games - Unibet Poker members have two wallets; the Unibet wallet, and the Unibet Poker wallet. Players who deposit into the Unibet wallet through the Unibet website will need to transfer funds into their Unibet poker wallet before they can play the real money online poker games at Unibet Poker. Deposits may also be made directly into the Unibet Poker wallet through the Unibet Poker software.

[download-box][download-title]Unibet Poker Download System Requirements[/download-title]Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, Vista or Windows 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, or Firefox 2.0 or later
256 MB of RAM or more
32 MB video memory
50 MB free disk space
28.8 KB/s or faster internet connection[/download-box]
No bonus code needed
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VIP Program
Go to Unibet Poker and download their software using our special tracking link.
Enter your Unibet Poker Username (not Alias!) in the form below to enable your VIP tracking.
The stats are updated on a daily basis. Sometimes delays occur but the statistics are correct and tracked.
Calculation Method
Unibet Poker uses the contributed calculation method, which means that the VIP is calculated according to each player's percentual contribution to the pot.
Tournament entry fees are included in the VIP.
Payment Day
The VIP payments are made around the 5th of the following month.
Payment Method
Your Unibet Poker VIP is sent directly to your player account.
Payment Minimum
The player is required to generate a minimum of €100 for each month to receive VIP. In other words, with 30% VIP, you will receive a minimum of €30 if you qualify that month.
There are no bonus deductions from your VIP.
Deposit Fees
Deposit fees are not deducted from the VIP payments.
Payment Methods
I tried to sign up to Unibet but we did not. I do not know the cause. I had more than one account with them and do not know loggin and password so I created another account. Is this the reason?
1 year ago - 2016-10-12
Unibet is great. Not a lot of options, but what you do get from them is great, and I love the anonymity.
Double trouble! For those bad weeks.
PLO is full of noobs!
1 year ago - 2016-08-16
Very nice poker room, I like to play here. It's too soon a new poker room. (Developers are working on it) Certainly will be omitted flash, more employees Unibet reluctance to reveal far.
1 year ago - 2016-08-16
Unibet Poker has several promotions and very good tournaments for players, especially beginners, initially the software was Microgaming network but now migrated to an independent software I think, I've never seen a poker room with unique software, in fact I do not like. IMO Unibet a reliable poker room, with fast payouts and good support, only the software even if it did not please me.
2 years ago - 2016-04-02
Unibet a very interesting program for those who enjoy freerolls ) ) every two hours are exciting tournaments with 1000+ people .. Win that probably only afford Ivey and Negreanu ) )
2 years ago - 2016-03-29
Unibet seems like a good choice for a poker room in the European market. They have a very nice €200 Welcome Bonus Plus €2 Unibet Open Ticket for first time depositors but what I look for in a room is zero to hero grinding opportunities. What I thought was interesting was Unibet being listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, they are a very reputable company out of Malta. They changed CFO's in the Unibet Group late in the fourth quarter last year according to their Twitter page. The traffic there is decent with the site boasting to have ten million customers in over 100 different countries. The skin has some very nice graphics with a variety of really cool table view settings and a huge selection of avatars. They also have recreational player appeal by allowing players to stay anonymous by allowing everyone to change their alias up to three times a day.
2 years ago - 2016-01-15
 - Edited 2 years ago
Unibet is innovative and has giant funky avatars if you like that and nice tables if you are more into that. Innovative and unique, their Unibet open qualifiers start at the freeroll level.
2 years ago - 2015-12-16
Downloaded it and tried. Software is really good and games are pretty soft. Like VIP system very much and Monthly Missions are great. I'm giving it 9 stars only because free 10 GBP are available only for six countries. Otherwise - it would be 10.
2 years ago - 2015-11-20
I downloaded it also and i like the software in the poker games but the lobby could be a little better. i have been watching ring games and the are incredibly soft, never seen maniacs play that bad before. Hero has always been a topnotch site and now their with a sportsbook so i believe the payouts will be the fastest of all US sites. i plan to verify and deposit this week, you can not deposit until verified. i'll let you know more after i put some time in on the site but for the ring games it looks to sweet to pass up. the MTT selection will most likely grow as they pick there player base. so i will give a 4 star rating just by what i;ve seen and heard about them.
4 years ago - 2013-10-16
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