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Vermont Poker
The state of Vermont is one that is not very open to the game of poker. The state does provide gambling options with lottery gaming but little else. Most every other form of casino gambling is illegal in the state. The state actually covers gambling extensively and has strict laws on the subject.

Playing cards to gain something in a gambling facility is criminalized and winning/losing money while playing a game or wagering on the play of a game is also considered illegal activity. The law is considered to be broad and most likely covers the game of poker. Overall the gambling laws are very stiff and players are very limited as to what they can participate in.

Online Poker in Vermont
The Attorney General of the state has stated that the purpose of gambling laws in the state are created to be applied to only nonprofit organizations. These organizations are the only ones allowed to operate games that are considered chance. The profits of these games should go to charity only. This would be why the state has never focused on regulating or allowing online poker options.

When states do not have specific legislation that involves poker online, players tend to take a look at jurisdiction. Many could argue that if the games are played from a service that is located not in the state, then it should be legal to do so. However this theory has never been tested as no case involving internet poker has went to court in the state., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018