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Virginia Poker
Poker continues to be a hot topic of debate in the state of Virginia. As of now, current law applies to the game in an illegal sense. However, there has been questions as to if the law is being applied in the right manner. Illegal gambling is currently based on games of chance. If an outcome of the game is wagered upon, then the outcome must be uncertain or a matter of chance to be legalized. This could mean that skill based games have a window to be considered legal. However there has been no determination as to if poker is a game of skill or chance.

Over the years, poker was allowed in gambling halls until 2010 when the DA of Portsmouth began to enforce illegal gambling law. Each poker hall closed but one, whose owner was Charles Daniels. This began a huge case in the state in which the PPA and Greg Raymer testified. It was in 2013 that the court ruled the case as a dismissal since the owner of the poker hall was never charged so he could not challenge the application of the gambling law. So the fight is still ongoing with live poker in the state.

Online Poker in Virginia
Online gambling in the state is also null and void. Players who want to play online will just have to go elsewhere. The state has a law in which says that wagering upon a game “whether such game, contest or event occurs or is to occur inside or outside” the state. This basically can claim that online gambling is considered illegal as well so players are advised not to try it., all its content and stylized poker logos are registered, trademarked and protected by international copyright law. All Rights Reserved. © 2018