$20 Million OSS Cub3d: MOSS main event begins Saturday

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: August 7, 2021 12:06 am EDT

Online tournament action remains hot at America’s Cardroom, the flagship site of the Winning Poker Network. Just days after “BabyBowser” won more than $1.5 million for winning ACR’s $10 million “Venom” tourney, the site’s month-long OSS Cub3d series offers one of its own headline tourneys — the $500,000 Mini Online Super Series main event.

ACR’s three-tiered OSS (Online Super Series) Cub3d began on August 1. It’s ACR’s largest and oldest continuing major series, headed off by the MOSS (Mini Online Super Series) slate of events. Multiple MOSS tournaments have run each day this month, all leading up to the MOSS main.

The $500,000 MOSS main event, with its affordable $55 buy-in, is the only one of the three OSS Cub3d main events not to have a million-dollar guarantee. Both the OSS (Online Super Series) and BOSS (Bigger Online Super Series) mains offer a million-dollar prize pool, and both of those events run later this month.

ACR’s MOSS slate of events was conceived as a micro-stakes counterpart to the site’s original Online Super Series, which debuted in 2012. The MOSS slate was added in 2013, and the “Bigger” BOSS tournament joined the mix in 2015, creating the current OSS Cub3d family. The OSS, MOSS, and BOSS events do not run directly against each other as parallel offerings. Instead, the OSS Cub3d offerings roll out in sequence, with three separate series of about 10 days each for micro-stakes, mid-range, and high-stakes online players.

MOSS main event utilizes two starting days, PKO format

For the first time, the MOSS main event offers two separate starting days: Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8. Both starting days get underway at 2pm EDT and will offer a full six hours of late registration. Each starting day’s field will play down until 12% of the day’s entries remain. Survivors of both starting flights will then be combined into Monday’s Day 2.

This series marks the first time the MOSS main event has used a multiple-starting-day format. Entrants who are eliminated on Day 1 may re-enter into Day 2 action.

The MOSS main event also employs the increasingly popular PKO (progressive knockout) format. In a PKO tourney, 50% of a knocked-out player’s bounty is immediately awarded to the player who logged the knockout. The other half of the knocked-out player’s bounty is then added to the winning player’s own bounty. The accumulated and steadily rising bounties keep the “bounty” portion of a PKO event a valuable component of the action, all the way to a tournament’s final stages.

Featured image source: AmericasCardroom.eu