AI and robots are now being used to teach

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Posted on: June 23, 2020 5:30 pm EDT

AI is now taking the place of some professors as classrooms evolve

Now that artificial intelligence (AI) has gained more presence in today’s activities, a clear trend to digitalize education can be seen. For instance, students can have easy access to an electronic library or learning videos, or even thesis writing services on the Internet. Young people growing with more exposure to new technologies use apps to get information in an easier way or even help them with time management. But now, high-tech robots are being used in classrooms just as if it just came out of a fictional plot.

Many people believe that the educational process will be changing beyond recognition in future years. In fact, AI is being used in many schools, colleges and universities around the globe. Robots can act either as assistants or even professors. Most likely, the future will mean that these robots will replace live people and take over all of the responsibilities of teaching. There are many benefits that can be brought by smart machines as they offer countless opportunities to humanity.

Traditionally, a classroom is associated with boring lectures, textbooks and waiting for a bell. But using AI could mean that students are able to perceive all innovations and do so with a great passion for learning by using a high-tech approach; robots in the virtual space can come up with the boldest ideas. Another great advantage AI can offer is the personalization of the education process. There are different learning styles and the traditional school doesn’t always serve all of them, wasting incredible talent that some students might have and that is not being included by the traditional method. Robots can undertake individual work with each learner, provide analysis on the performance and propose new ways to improve.