AI is great for attracting, retaining an audience

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Posted on: May 21, 2020 6:22 pm EDT

Artificial intelligence continues to become integrated into more routine activities

Most experts across several industries agree on one thing: artificial intelligence (AI) has unleashed an entirely new approach to work and creativity in many sectors. Now that AI-powered software is demonstrating what it can do for marketing and virtually every sector of a company, it has completely changed the business perspective. This year has been one in which several organizations in the entertainment sector are using AI to improve the supply of high-quality content that can engage viewers longer, so future investment plans and focus will revolve around AI.

Huge tech companies like Walt Disney World, Google and Microsoft have been adding AI to the most recent innovations so that everyday living can be improved. Also, casino gaming operators are using similar approaches to run their business models by adding extra features like voice search features and even 3D previews. The truth is that AI can help entertainment businesses to improve on what they do: deliver a great experience to customers. Great service will result in keeping the audience happy and retained for longer, as well as drawing new people to their services thanks to several innovations such as augmented reality (AI), computer vision, and synthetic media.

The rise of synthetic media is taking marketing efforts to new levels in which machines are able to mimic the voices and faces of other people to create videos, audios, or even images. Synthetic commercials in which a deepfake technology can be used to create virtually anything can be so accurate that sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. Everything sums up in the implementation of new ways to interact with the audience through the creation, production and content generation.