AI is helping improve online sports gambling activity

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Posted on: April 14, 2020 6:54 pm EDT

Online sportsbooks are finding new ways to increase the customer experience

In the world of gambling, the ultimate goal is to provide the best customer experience there is. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to assist the sports gambling industry in adapting new features that are more attractive to bettors. The online gambling industry has been embracing AI for several years now, and there are emerging startups that are providing new features specially designed for the industry. AI-based software is already making certain processes in the sports betting industry a lot easier.

Typically, a sportsbook will require human oddsmakers to create the betting lines that will be offered for a certain match but, in this AI age, there are algorithms that have been created to deliver some odds set to be as competitive as they can be. AI-powered software can process big amounts of data and turning it into useful insights regarding the odds for a certain game. Games can be predicted by these machines and provide better odds which customers be more attracted to for their action. In the long run, AI and machine learning can make sure the bookmaker is looking at future profits, which has been a constant headache for sportsbooks.

Another aspect that has been enhanced by AI is the adaption to the player’s origins by allowing the support of several currencies and multiple languages, as well as offering a wider game selection. AI programs can detect where a gambler comes from and then display information regarding games and promotions in the customer’s language, also selecting the games that would raise more interest from customers. Simple things like reducing the number of currency options that are display according to the customer’s location and possibilities are helping to improve the overall experience.