AI is revolutionizing the UK’s iGaming industry

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Posted on: June 17, 2020 6:22 pm EDT

Artificial intelligence is just as much a part of iGaming as virtual cards and virtual chips

The next decade will be marked by the many changes that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are going to generate. AI, in particular, has been penetrating the online gaming industry quite strongly. In the UK, for instance, many companies have been adding AI-powered tools in more than one area of operation, like for marketing and enhanced player experience. The UK is foreseeing a huge revolution created by the addition of these technologies in more areas of the operation.

So far, the greatest impact for the gaming industry has been Libratus, an AI-powered machine that can play poker. This device has proven able to defeat even the best poker players in the world, which is something it couldn’t do just five years ago. AI can bring unpredictability and excitement to gambling because it is based on previous experiences; therefore, it can bring to the user a much more realistic experience. Currently, casinos have been using AI software for simpler tasks like collect data about players and their gaming experiences. By doing this, operators are able to offer a customized experience that will offer to the customer games suited to the personal game, which several operators in the UK are already implementing.

More into the future, the possibilities are endless. Some experts believe that AI machines will be able to develop video games without needing human intervention. For online casinos, AI will provide a great tool to fight fraudulent gamblers. Also, the online gaming scene can turn into something incredibly personalized but run completely by AI.