AI is set to change advertising for the gaming industry

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Posted on: April 23, 2020 5:04 pm EDT

Online advertising is finding increased favor among gaming companies

ver since Google implemented artificial intelligence (AI) for their ads program, the world of advertising has changed dramatically. Every industry in the world has changed the way they advertise, with most activity being taken to the online scene. For the gaming industry, this is no different than the rest. In the last few years, the amount of money spent on advertising has risen, for instance in the UK, by 54% since 2014. As per Paul Torzel, companies are suspending advertising funds directed to other channels of communication, with gambling companies spending five times more money in online advertising than on TV.

Torzel also mentioned that, at least in the UK, gambling advertising represents 8% of the total advertising market in the country, which demonstrates a solid growth for the sector. The vast majority of gambling operators are using pay-per-click (PPC) strategies to attract new customers, which has now been enhanced with the power of AI-software. To be fair, there are many things already using AI software, but the advertising industry has really evolved into something more precise.

The first attempts at creating devices with AI were dependent on someone programming a machine to give the desired response to a specific scenario, but machine learning has put that aside. The latest and most successful PPC software uses statistical learning to drive successful advertising, Google takes a look at the historical behavior of the customers that have clicked in an add, to determine how likely it is for them to be converted. All that data processed is turned into a score that gives an idea on the odd of that search finalizing in a sale—of course, taking several other factors into account.

This new technology can provide better and instant results, dragging high-quality traffic to gambling sites. It has another great feature which is customization, PPC can be set with desired parameters regarding the target audience and anything related. After that, AI will take care of the rest while companies just monitor how profitable those decisions were.