AI, tech innovation are changing the online gaming landscape

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Posted on: May 18, 2020 5:50 pm EDT

All forms of online gaming are seeing huge improvements from AI

The online gaming industry has made great progress in recent years, even more so after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. The increase in popularity, along with technological innovations, has brought the industry to a point of almost constant change and new levels of service. By 2023, it’s estimated the industry will be worth over $70 billion. As the online gambling sector continues to grow, more mobile casino apps will hit the global market, and will include a number of emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), which are paving the way to attract larger crowds and new users who had never engage in online gaming before.

As AI becomes a larger part of people’s lives, a lot of gaming sites are implementing the use of chatbots or mobile virtual assistants to serve customers. Although still in its initial phases, these virtual assistants will eventually be able to provide quick and efficient services to gaming customers. Another aspect of online gambling venues enhanced by AI is the cost of operations. Data analyzed by AI-powered software can provide useful insights to online operations to adapt their businesses to have either less staff or more machines than can help the companies save costs.

The overall experience for users is bound to be changed by AI, where gamblers are seduced by the game’s recommendations that are suggested specifically to each gambler. AI can use data collected from customer’s behaviors to make visitors feel well-taken care off and engage for longer periods with better recommendations.

Another innovation that will take online gambling to another level is virtual reality (VR), which is gradually being integrated into online casinos. With only the use of a VR device, in a few years, online casino users won’t be missing the typical environment found in a casino as they can have a more immersive and interactive experience.