AI will help make car and motorcycle racing go faster

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Posted on: June 15, 2020 7:24 pm EDT

Ducati is embracing AI to help achieve greater speeds with its racing bikes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining more ground in many more industries and the world of two wheels MotoGP competition is no exception. Motorcycling keeps evolving with time, and it has begun to take its next step forward. Ducati has been talking about the evolution of its creations in terms of technological advancements and, according to information shared in a telematic meeting organized with its partner Lenovo, manufacturers are digging into every scientific-technical area that is becoming a trend, and AI is next.

The general concept of this integration was explained by Gabriele Conti, head of Ducati’s electronic systems department. “It is no longer just about collecting data, but also about analyzing it in depth, and the next step will involve the use of artificial intelligence. I think it’s the future because we need something that thinks faster than humans, which artificial intelligence can do. Among other things, we are already using a machine to learn,” he said. Smart data analysis is exactly what AI brings to the table, which can be used greatly by many companies to have a different perspective of putting the data collected together.

Conti continued explaining more about how the future if the company would look, adding, “We already use some parameters calculated with a machine, which is able to manage an incredible amount of data, something that we just cannot do. It performs correct calculations and manages to obtain parameters in real-time. The next step and we are already working on it, will help track and factory engineers to develop the new bike.”

AI can also bring benefits to riders. As Danilo Petrucci explained, drivers are more focused on studying the data. He said that a rider spends some time looking at its own data as a way to understand how to ride better. “For every Grand Prix, I receive from my chief engineer a seven-page email with the data” this has been the case since 2015,” said Petrucci. Imagine what AI could do with this data.