Artificial intelligence is driving a new era of marketing

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Posted on: July 2, 2020 7:06 pm EDT

AI is helping create smarter, more effective marketing campaigns

One important area that is being deeply transformed by artificial intelligence (AI) is marketing. A number of marketing departments across many industries are starting to welcome this technology to help with consumer behavior analysis to predict future needs, among other things. There are several major marketing brands out there that are using specific algorithms that can make personalized recommendations of content and even display personalized apps.

The investment companies make on advertising and marketing represents a significant portion of a company’s expenses, with some brands spending from thousands to millions of dollars. And now, with new AI features, that amount of money can be invested more efficiently and with better results. AI marketing tools can provide a more thorough understanding of what works, allowing marketers to create more effective campaigns.

One contribution AI is bringing to marketing companies is the savings in costs. Before AI, companies would have to shoot the same commercial multiple times but using a different brand or item; however, AI allows a branch to reach more all markets they work on while spending fewer resources and time. For instance, an artificial intelligence and video synthesis company used AI to help a marketing agency serve its client efficiently. A Snoop Dogg commercial had a lot of success for one of the company’s subsidiaries, so they wanted to take it to every market they operated in. The AI company used technology to adapt the video, including adjusting Snoop Dogg’s lip movements, so the commercial had to be recorded only once, saving plenty of time and money for everyone involved.

Another aspect that will drive the future of the new marketing era is the Robot to Consumer (B2R2C). As time passes, the use of more virtual assistants and robots will personally assist consumers giving recommendations of what they might like even before they know it themselves.