Artificial Intelligence is helping employment numbers rebound

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Posted on: June 19, 2020 8:55 pm EDT

Recovery from the coronavirus is being made easier with the help of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to gain territory in more industries, there are already organizations making sure that AI can be integrated into an ethical, respectful way. One area in which AI is collaborating now in the European economy is employment and recruitment. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic was felt across the globe, with many people losing their jobs due to the closing of a large number of businesses. Now, AI is serving human resources departments to enable better matches for employees and offering a more efficient, faster process.

The human touch is still indispensable in the recruitment industry, but leveraging technology in smart, useful ways allows workers in the area to free up more of their time to focus on other elements of their work that are more likely to require human creativity and emotion – those things that technology can’t compete against.

The future most likely will be a combination of smart tech and human touch. For instance, repetitive tasks like gathering CVs and checking candidate profiles against required skills can be automated in a way that the review is way more effective than if it were done manually. Another advantage of relying on technology to screen applicants and narrow lists is it helps recruiters accelerate the whole process of an applicant getting all the way to the client. Currently, there are candidates submitting applications using chatbots that have reported positive results.

As a result, there is no time wasted in form-filling requirements. Candidates who meet basic job requirements can move straight to the next stage of the process, which will be a meeting with a company representative for a live interview. This can also be good for applicants who sometimes are left waiting for feedback or status on their applications for long periods.