Astros players get hit by pitches during exhibition game against the Kansas City Royals

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Posted on: July 23, 2020 6:19 pm EDT

The Houston team could be seeing repercussions from the cheating scandal revealed last season

Revenge is not something a person should pursue but it certainly feels good for the affected people to see someone paying for their wrongdoings. In an exhibition game between the Houston Astros and the Kansas City Royals prior to the restart of the shortened 2020 MLB season, three players from the Astros were hit by two pitchers. Given the team’s illegal sign-stealing scandal that rose after the 2017 World Series title, it really doesn’t feel look like it was all coincidence.

The three victims of the wild pitches were Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and George Springer, all of whom were part of that team who broke the rules back then. Royals pitchers Jorge Lopez and Jackson Kowar were the two players who were responsible for these hits during both teams’ final tune-up right before the start of the season. Perhaps, the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and the huge impact it had on all major sports have caused a few people to forget about this scandal, even more after all the protests. However, fans were certainly happy to see those players pay for their actions in the past.

Actually, this past February, there was a Twitter account created under the name of @AsteriskTour, which has been used to criticize the team. Both Altuve and Bregman were hit by pitches while the bases were loaded, and the account even posted a meme of it describing it as a walk of shame. After the scandal, the team lost several drafts picks and both the manager and general manager were fired immediately; however, there was never any punishment given to those players who were involved, and many people consider they should have been suspended for a long period.