AT&T’s Aspire Accelerator AI training gets underway next week

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Posted on: May 22, 2020 5:50 pm EDT

The course covers AI advances in gaming, other industries

The sixth edition of AT&T’s annual Aspire Accelerator class is around the corner, and it will have a lot of artificial intelligence (AI) topics involved. This event brings together eight tech startups that work with developing technologies in many areas, from teaching science to improving engagement through virtual reality. One of the companies attending this class is the Miami-based company KlickEngage.

The company’s mission since it was founded has been to help all children feel psychologically safe in every environment with the help of AI. This software keeps track of students reporting their emotional state on a daily basis, therefore, receiving support in a more efficient way. Each startup chosen will get a $125,000 investment from the giant telecom company and on top of that, KlickEngage will get six months of mentoring, resources, services and expertise needed to drive change and help reach students across the country.

These six months of training, offered to all participating companies, will also cover trending topics like the potentials of the 5G technology. Always focused on benefiting the students, the training will revolve around how this wireless technology may enhance educational outcomes to reach more students. AT&T’s Aspire Accelerator program has welcomed 35 teams in the past, which combined have helped reach more than 32 million students, as well as raising more than $48 million since participating in this class. These companies will also get access to AT&T’s 5G leaders. “Students today are facing a number of new and complex challenges, from adapting to the new world of distance learning to coping with not being able to see family and friends,” said Samantha Hoare, Executive Director, Teach for America—Miami-Dade.